Ulysses- A critical review

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Ulysses- A critical review

Ulysses by James Joyce is indubitably one of the most dazzling novels in the history of English literature.

The text of the novel, most animated of the consciousness of contemporary male and female- narrates to the readers the desolately humorous story of Leopold Bloom, a good man led by love, attempting to come to terms with the deaths of his son and father, the exodus of his daughter from his house, the passing of his youth, and the infidelity committed by his wife Marion or Molly.

The preface of Leopold’s story is about another person, Stephen Dedalus, a solemn and passionate youth, who happens to be an aspirant writer, inundated in the stasis of Dublin life, in mourning for his late mother and with diminutive hope for the future.

The conduits of the two individuals cross, briefly join, and then part away. Stephan walks into perpetuity along with the lane at the back of Eccles Street and Leopold lays himself down to sleep beside his wife, with his head placed by her feet and feet by her head on their recently sullied marital bed.

Even today, nearly after hundred years of its first publication, the history of the origin of this novel is known only to a handful of academicians and few general readers.

While the novel is aptly venerated by readers and scholars alike as a work of art, it is often regarded as a solitary cohesive work and its composition as the recitation of a master plan for which Joyce himself is held mostly responsible.

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