Are you a true Bibliophile?

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Are you a true Bibliophile?

Bibliophile is a term given to individuals who collect books and have a great love for them. The term finds its origins from the word bibliophilism which literally means love of books. Well, being a bibliophile does not come in as easy as it sounds. While the heart-wrenching plot may leave you in a state of melancholy for days, dealing with the outer world becomes ten times difficult when you are a bibliophile.

However, you know that your life as a bibliophile comes in with perks when you know all the book store owners in the town and the book websites to read are well-engraved in your brain. Find out below some common signs of being a bibliophile:-

#1. Library Fantasies

Every bibliophile has a library fantasy of his own. Bibliophiles are often found talking about their dream of opening up a library and the myriad library ideas they have.

signs of a bibliophile

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#2. The Book Borrowing Rules

Lending books becomes difficult when you are a bibliophile. For a person who loves books, even a little ink mark or a fold may drive you to fury.

book lovers

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#3. Book Websites To Read

If you are a bibliophile, not only do you know all the book store owners in the vicinity, you also have the names of all the book lovers’ websites on your tips.

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#4. Falling In Love With Characters

It is a common sign of a bibliophile to fall in love with the characters from the books. Dealing with real life people gets difficult for bibliophiles and their love interest mainly include literary characters.

fall in love

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#5. Book Recommendations

Bibliophiles are best-known to advise people on what to read. If people come up to you for book recommendations every now and then, it is a sure shot sign that you are a bibliophile.


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#6. Books Over People

It is natural for a bibliophile to find the comfort of companionships in books. Bibliophiles prefer books over people any day. Even if they socialize, they are quite particular about the people they hang out with.

book love

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#7. The Book Gifts

If you are a bibliophile, chances are that you cannot think of a better gift idea than books. Not only do you love receiving books as presents, but you may also end up gifting books to your friends every year.

gifting books

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#8. The Collection

Another common sign of a bibliophile is that their house is full of an organized collection of books. Bibliophiles may have specially designed book shelves for their rooms and may find it hard to let go of even a single book out of their collection.

book lovers collection

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#9. Read Anywhere

Yes, book lovers have an ideal reading environment of their own. However, if need be, bibliophiles can read even on the busiest places and times. It is more important for a bibliophile to satisfy the urge of reading than to wait for a perfect place and time.

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If you are a bibliophile, we would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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