Which books should be on everyone's must read list?

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Which books should be on everyone's must read list?

Taste of reading differs from person to person.

Some likes fiction while others like non-fiction. Some likes autobiographies while others like travelogues. Since my interest mainly lies in fiction, there are many books in fictional group which you must read at least once in your life time.

The list I’m going to give is my opinion, yet there is no denying worldwide that they are wonderful works.

The Kite runner

The Kite runner is the masterpiece of Khaled Hosseini. The novel clearly essays emotional traumas the protagonist and other characters faces when their dear country falls into political turmoil. The book is depiction of friendship of two children in the pleasant times and how a particular incident leads to testing of friendship between them. The author sets in the minds of the reader a new picture of Afghanistan.

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is the memorable work of Jane Austen where she satirically represents the then British culture through the Bennet family. Author had molded a strong character in Elizabeth Bennet which will stay in our hearts even after  completion of the book. The author clearly criticizes the old fashioned notions surrounding marriage and dares to question such oddities in the society.

Moon and Six Pence

Although not considered as a masterpiece, this book is a brilliant creation of Somerset Maughm. This author is more famous for his satirical short stories, but this is an exception. The book narrates the life tale of an artist Charles Strickland, who abandons the material pleasures of life in search of  his true passion of life – Painting. The story is related to the life artist Paul Gauguin. The superb language and cynical comedy is what makes the reader glued to this book. It is surely a must read.


Mother is the masterpiece of Maxim Gorky. The novel is set during the industrial era of Russia and clearly depicts the pathetic and horrible conditions the ordinary working class of Russia endured. The novel strongly projects the socialist principles and  brotherhood which the revolutionary leaders strived to achieve in Russia. The novel goes through the eyes mother of socialist leader Pavel Vlasov, the hardships she endured and the sacrifices she had to make for her dear son and beloved countrymen.

The fault in our Stars

The fault in our Stars is the beautiful and sweet work of John Green, which narrates the teen romance that buds in the lives of two cancer victims. The book actually tells the constant pain, feelings, worries and hope which the patient and their near and dear faces. This book does not give any solutions to this dreadful sickness but rather a thoughtful insight into minds of its victims and people who are dear to them.

Harry Potter and the philosopher’s Stone

If your mind wants a wild run into fantansy and imagination, then this is a book that you must read. This fantastic novel is the debut work of J.K.Rowling, where the author has created a magical world filled with witches, flying broomsticks, magic wands, ghosts and many and many of such magical treats. She has also ingeniously portrayed the snobbishness of the real world in Harry Potter series

These are some of the works which I read again and again, and cherished them. Likewise, there are many which could be added to the above list and which you too will equally cherish.

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