Can computers replace books?

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As computers uses for education, entertaining, reading, etc.. but what you say

Can computers replace books?

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Of course, computers can replace,  but it doesn't work all the time. We can have feelings when it comes to books rather than computers. A kind of naturality, no radiation, no power problems etc. There are a number of people who are interested in buying printed paper though it is available online as well, this proves something towards, right?

Yes, Computers can replace books as they can be read both by young and old. The elderly can read e-books by increasing the font size. If the problem of connectivity and internet is solved by providing high-speed internet to everyone, downloading e-books would be much easier.  

Students in most parts of Europe do not have to carry books to school. Their books are loaded in the school library website and each student is given a username and password to access the e-books. That's how I taught biology to a student in Toronto, Canada. 

Yes, there are many chances that computers can replace books.

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