Why is Young Adult (YA) literature gaining popularity?

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Why is Young Adult (YA) literature gaining popularity?
  • The paramount reason would be that YA touches not only on the young adult but emphasis on many social issues and the current trends.
  • It is a blend of genres like Romance, Sci-fi, Action, Adventure, Horror and many others. Today’s teen readers are gripped by writings which appeal to them especially where the protagonist is a rebel. This defying spirit easily makes them relate to the characters in an apt manner. They seem to be drawn towards it as young adults are a bit rebel kind.


  • Young Adult (YA) literature has often been disregarded until the bizarre and startling popularity of Young Adult novels among the teens, adults, and critics with the bestsellers like the Twilight series, The Hunger Games trilogy, the Divergent trilogy, the Maze Runner series and others.

  • The youths today live in a stranded state of their own world. The tales of YA builds a realm where their doubts and distresses have been etched poignantly. It illustrates the world which is an escapist one. Youthful fear of difference and acceptance is portrayed lucidly.

  • The readers today are keen on reading Young Adult fiction as it also projects the life and culture of people in a different angle. Young Adult literature is spreading wide as it makes the readers comprehend their own empowered identities. It provides the teens with an arena of its own so that they can act.

  • A surreal, escapist kind of reality is painted in most of the novels which reside within the real world but is often hidden or in a futuristic world. Being a world of change and insurgence, it sets today’s trend.


  • YA genre also vividly points out the discrimination and suffering in society and makes us view the world in a divergent manner. YA literature thus has become the blockbusters in today’s world.

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