Books that were famously banned

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Books that were famously banned

There are many masterpieces that remain banned by governments and religious institutions citing their own convenient reasons. Whatever the reason is, the world will stand in unison in proclaiming the wonder of these works.

Some of the famous books banned are the following

The Da Vinci Code

This creative work of Dan Brown was given a ban by Catholic leaders as they felt it portrays a negative picture of Catholics. Since the novel revolves around  protection of bloodline of Jesus Christs, the Catholic Church found it very offensive and against their beliefs.

Harry Potter series

When the world applauded this fantastic novel series, the church found it offensive as the book depicts a positive picture of witches and wizards. In an earlier century, the church had punished many women for practicing witchcraft, declared them as heretics and executed. So witchcraft was an act for devil worshipping according to the church. But J.K.Rowling, the author of these series produced them in a new and positive light which invited the wrath of Catholic Church.


Lajja was the brilliant and daring work of Taslima Nazrin. The novel portrays the true account of horror and brutalities the Hindu minorities faced at Bangladesh as an aftermath of Babri Masjid demolition in India. This work incited the religious and political feelings of Bangladesh leading them to declare Fatwa- death sentence against the author. She had to seek asylum in India as a result of this fatwa. Later on, she had to move to United Kingdom for survival as she got threats from religious goons even in India too.

The Kite Runner

This masterpiece was creation of Khaled Hosseini. This book which depicts a different picture of Afghanistan, also narrates political degeneration, horrors and brutalities faced by Afghans under the Taliban rule. This book enraged the Taliban making them declare fatwa against the author. But the author who permanently resides in United States of America, didn’t bat an eyelid and he still continues to write beautiful novels revolving around his homeland – Afghanistan

Animal Farm

This is a satirical work of George Orwell which portrays a comical version of Russian Revolution. The authors’ deep hatred of Joseph Stalin’s tyrannical rule in Russia led to  creation of this classic book. This book remained banned in Soviet Union and all countries who had socialist autocratic or dictator rule, including Cuba, North Korea etc.

There exists many books which got banned for obscenity or for hurting religious sentiments. But no doubt all these works are  for humans to read and enjoy irrespective of which religion, political affinity, race they belong to. The right to read and gain knowledge remains the fundamental right of every human being without being subjected to control based on whims and fancies of religious or political leaders.

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