Who is John Galt?

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Who is John Galt?

Are you an avid reader? Have you come across the fictional character of John Galt from the novel 'Atlas Shrugged'? What makes the fictional character such a great role model to look upto? It's impeccable how we turn to the fictional world than the real one to comfort our mind. But have you ever pondered on the fact as to why we do that?

It is because even if the novel world depicts pain in the stories, it is still not inflicted upon us. Most of the times, we just compare our real-world problems with the problems asserted in the novel to know who's better at dealing with it. Leading us back to the to the character we had begun talking about in the opening of the article. So who is John Galt? Why is he famous?

He is a fictional star of the novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ which got published in the year 1957 by Ayn Rand. It is observed that the novel is addictive in nature, suggesting that once who reads it is somehow compelled to re-read it.

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John Galt is observed saying a quote in the novel saying, ‘I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.’

The novel examines what happens when the thinkers go on strike. Galt envisages the strike, initiates it, sustains it, and carries it to a satisfactory resolution. The existence of Galt remains undisclosed in the first two-thirds of the novel. The question ‘Who is John Galt’ having his name makes him look like a mythological character. In the world full of demons, he imbibes the quality of a superhero. The strike is mandatorily secretive, so when the great thinkers of the world vanish, it must be a mystery to everybody exterior to Galt's circle.

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The author introduces the fictional man as a human of superb proportions. She said that the aim of her writing was the depiction of an ideal man and she has achieved it through the character of John Galt. In the novel, he is known to be a man of inexplicable cerebral gifts.  A physicist who gets a sort of a revolution in a human’s comprehension of energy, a philosopher who states the correct idea of survival, and a statesman who guides a strike that transforms the systems social of the globe. 

Two attributes of his make his cerebral achievements big. On the one hand, it is his genius, and on the contrary, it is his unchanging rationality.  John’s description about himself says that ‘the man who loves his life’ which is absolutely correct. But on top of everything, he is seen as a man who understands reality and somebody who lets nothing to obstruct his brain apprehension of the facts. By reference to his eyes, he has eyes that depict facts and sees reality as it is, in spite of his sentiments and feelings about that reality.

What is so unique about Galt’s using his mind?

His unmovable dedication to facts even if they are awful or painful. His life seems to be eager at all times to dig out the truth and untouchable willingness to accept. He understands that a man can only be happy by respecting reality the way it is.

Are you a fan of John Galt? What makes him so famous among readers? Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and thoughts.

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