What is Gamification of Learning?

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What is Gamification of Learning?

Have you been hearing about Gamification of Learning but are unaware of what exactly it means? Here's something for you! It is an educational approach that helps to motivate students to learn new things from video games design and other gaming elements.

However, will it be useful for the children to indulge in video game elements in a learning environment? Share your views with us on 'Gamification of Learning' by commenting on the box below. 

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Gamification is a way of learning through video games. It helps to learn through games. It is a fast and playful way to learn about something. Like if we have a chapter in English, we could change it into a video game asking question and help us learn without having the fear of losing marks. We can also give exam through Gamification of a chapter with some innovative game like name, and make it effective to learn. It gets easy when we convert some textual art into a virtual learning art. It makes us go outside the books and learn without feeling anxious. It teaches us a better way to tackle our studies. Everyone likes Games and when done while learning, it just gets better. A chapter can be converted in to a game explaining the basic concepts and making the player understand it better. It helps to use the time efficiently.

I have mixed views on the subject, on one hand, it is essential that new methods need to be adopted in order to impart learning to kids and what better way than something that already falls in their area of interest. Whereas on the other hand, this would only force children to sink deeper into their passion for video games.Visual methods of learning and experiencing things are better ways of teaching and there should be more ways to help kids gain knowledge apart from just mugging out of books but not sure whether video games is the right way.

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