Why are People Obsessed with baseless Reality Shows?

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Why are People Obsessed with baseless Reality Shows?

From Roadies to Splistvilla to Big Boss, and the list is never-ending when it comes to scripted and baseless Reality shows that keep the audience glued to the TV screens at prime hours. Call it mocking or fancying or just whiling away time, Reality shows are a proof that being weird and obnoxious totally sells, sells at exorbitant prices. No wonder why people have this obsession to stay updated and follow their favorite shows instead of investing their time in boosting their physical and mental strength. 

Indulging in activities like yoga, playing ming puzzles or spending quality time with family and friends is replaced with watching Reality shows, and the reality check is indeed very disheartening. 

What do you think should Reality shows be banned or should people focus more on productive leisure activities? Share your suggestions using the dialog box below!

Answers (4)
The reason for the popularity of the show is, it resembles so much to the real human nature. People like to see and enjoy things what they really are. 

The sole purpose of watching reality shows is entertainment, and hence should not be banned. While some find yoga recreational, others like to watch these brainless reality shows to feel lighter in the head.  

No, they should not be banned. Banning things is not a solution. Better to encourage people to watch good shows.

People who watch these reality shows like Big Boss are retards.

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