International Yoga Day: Here's How The World Is Celebrating It

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International Yoga Day: Here's How The World Is Celebrating It

Another edition of International Yoga Day is here and enthusiastic participants are eagerly waiting to commence Yoga Day celebrations with zeal and commitment. As many as 180 countries are set to celebrate India’s prescriptive way of wellness on June 21 that marks the international day of Yoga.

Set with the theme ‘Yoga For Health’, the aim is to provide a holistic view to physical and mental benefits derived from Yoga, while highlighting the balance it maintains between body and mind.

As the world gears up to celebrate this special day, let’s indulge in some Yoga Day information that determines different ways in which various countries will be celebrating the iconic day.

#1. USA

(Image Courtesy: Yogadork)

While Yoga may have its origin from India, US citizens are steadily moving on to adopt the form of exercise as a strict part of their regime. An American study conducted by Yoga Studies and Yoga Journal in the year 2016 states that the number of practitioners of Yoga has risen from 20.4 million in 2012 to more than 36 million in 2016, with a promise by 34 percent more to adopt the practice in the coming year. As a matter of fact, the study states that approximately 72 percent of the men and women in the US are doing downward dog as growing trend.

New Yorkers who wish to participate in Yoga day celebrations can head towards Times Square for a free yoga class on Wednesday that also happens to be Summer Solstice. The event is being partnered with the UN, who has invited all the citizens to join the free class that is taking place on the longest day of the year. It has also opened its gate to those who wish to make a donation to the class, informing others that the donated money will be used for charity.

#2. Canada

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Did you know only 5.5 percent of the people practiced Yoga in Canada in the year 2005? The figures since then have grown drastically with millions adopting Yoga as a part of their daily lifestyle. To promote the benefits of Yoga, fitness giant Lululemon will be offering free yoga classes to all the residents of Canada at Scarborough Town Centre in Toronto. The program will include metabolic fire starter, free flow, slow flow and aromatherapy yoga as some of the options offered to the people.

#3. Singapore

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Singapore is all set to host its first International Yoga Day with around 50 events happening all across the country, in the form of a week-long celebration. Commencing from 17th June to 25th June, the country will conduct free yoga classes at various places like Changi airport, ION Orchard mall, schools, and universities to promote the benefits of Yoga and compel the citizens to participate in the form of exercise with zest and commitment.

#4. Malaysia

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In an attempt to break the existing record registered with Guinness Book Of World Record, Malaysia is organizing one of the largest gatherings on International Yoga Day. It aims at holding a yoga session in Dataran Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur with approximately 10,000 people. If it succeeds in conducting a yoga session for more than 5000 people, it will set a new record in the Guinness Book for holding the largest yoga session on World Yoga Day.

#5. India

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Considered the yoga capital of the World, Mysuru will be celebrating Yoga International Day by also aiming to set a new record in Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest number of people taking part in the Yoga Day celebrations. The city aims to get 50,000 yogis on to the streets as compared to New Delhi that recorded 35,897 yogis who participated in the celebrations last year.

With this, Mysuru also aims at breaking the second record for developing the largest yoga chain, with up to 5,001 participants as compared to the record set in 2014 that saw the participation of 3,849 people.

(Feature Image Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

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