Importance of health care

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Importance of health care

Health is wealth..this is an old saying. No doubt. It is true. If we are healthy, we can do whatever we have to do. We can perform our duties and make fun. Otherwise, what would happen is not a hidden thing. All the circus of medications and other treatments that result in money loss for sure, though the health gain is not that much certain.

Of course, it goes without saying that prevention is better than cure. Here comes the topic of health care. This is an era of technology and especially as we are living in a global village, knowledge dissemination is a day to day affair. So numerous ways and concepts of health care are available there. It is just a matter of practice.

But before we go ahead in our discussion, it is very important to understand what health is. Probably this question seems to be peculiar, though it is not as much as it looks like. If we are just bodies, health cannot mean anything other than physical health.But we are also mind and soul. Hence health means the sound totality. So the health care means the care for our totality. How our body would be free from ailments, how our minds would be at rest and how there would be peace in our souls.

This life is very beautiful and full of opportunities. We are here to live it in full. To add to the beauty and glory of the life. In the pages of this mysterious story book, we have got our own space to write in. But it all depends on how much sound we are. We cannot expect a performance by a fellow on the bed. So healthcare has much meaning and much sense. Ever since our ancestors took the first step towards civilization, healthcare has been an important issue for the mankind. Much work has been done and the mass experience has kept fine tuning the expertise in this domain. And it has shown big results.

It is the magic of healthcare improvements that maternal mortality has been lowered down to a great extent, a far bigger no. of children are going to their schools and we find now longer productive living. At certain points, everybody needs such health support. Diseases are also part of life, in broader sense. If there is life, there would be disease as well. Very simple the reason is. If there would be ease, there would be disease too. Anyway, so nobody is spared. And without proper health care, it could be an endless pain. Suppose, you are left with a broken leg, or an abscess in your teeth, or high blood pressure..because there is no medical support. Horrible, right? Accidents and illness do not give warnings. Nor do they need permission.

Anyway, taking preventive measures we must focus on such things which are supposed to make us ill. This is a fast era. Everyone is running. People have no time to eat properly, to drink properly, to sleep well. They are taking junk food in a good amount, that does nothing but damage. People are so much tense that they are not taking deep breath. Our cities have become so much polluted that even fresh air and water are not available to all. Much noise around all of us and greeneries vanishing. In few words, our lifestyle has become so much wrong that our body and mind are now revolting. We need pills to sleep and enzymes to digest and laxatives for evacuation of the bowels! Market is deciding our entire lifestyle. We are more a consumer than a human being actually. Horrible!

So the first thing is to correct our life styles. As far as the care of the environment is concerned, a single man cannot do that. It is the subject of the government. But whosoever is concerned, such issues are health issues also, and should be handled at the earliest.

The vision of Yoga is about that only. It is the total health care. It takes care of our mind, body and soul. So it is the best way of the health care. It is well known to most of us that there are numerous asanas in Yoga which has dramatically good effect on our physical health. Asanas keep the blood circulation fit and fine, they maintain balanced and deep breathing enriching our blood with sufficient oxygen, all the muscles and organs go through an exercise in a wisely selected set of asana.

Some Yogic postures are very easy but effective, some are very typical and tough. One should very carefully learn these postures and then practice. There are so many resources on Youtube today. Several TV shows are also propagating these things. So what to do and how to do is not a problem. The problem is that when to start. And honestly, there is no reason why most of the people are not doing such things.

Running in the morning in fresh air is equally great. Swimming is called the best exercise and those who have the facility to swim must try this. There are aerobics and other forms of exercises. Once chosen wisely and after expert advice, we should carry it on regularly and results would appear for sure. So the point is to be physically and mentally active.

It is time to take a pause and ponder. It is time to focus on healthcare in the true sense. Better work for health assurance rather on health insurance. Better depend on management than on medicines. But if there is no way left, thank God, there are such things too. The point is in caring for the health and being full of life. It does not matter, which way!

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