How to lose weight in easy steps

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How to lose weight in easy steps

Why are we putting on weight?

• Because we have an  abundance of food to eat.

• We are crazy about food.

• Our loved ones have unfortunately made us fatty.

• There are tasty dishes around us.

• Our daily routines are not well planned and have led us to this problem.

• Due to some genetic problem.

• Unhealthy food.

There are many reasons behind our body getting overweight, but there is only one problem to be solved - To lose weight in a very simple and fruitful way.

Let us plan to do it both mentally and physically:

First, let us prepare ourselves to be ready to do something good:

1. Take a pledge to do something good for the body

2. Be prepared to be punctual in the routines set by you, it is very easy to skip but very difficult to continue, to reach a goal.

3. Observe your daily routines and food habits.

4. Pick a dress that fits you now and another one that you wish to wear after losing some weight.

5. Don’t use measuring tapes, they can fool you.

6. find out which portion of your body needs more exercise, i.e., the portion which is having more fat.

Now let us try something that will really work:

1. Start your day with a glass of warm water mixed with a pinch of salt and a spoon full of honey/lemon juice (for detoxification of body).

2. Make a solid plan to go for exercises daily.

3. Learn to do certain exercises that are simple; those that you did in school time. Do them regularly. People with heart and B.P. problems must take an advice of their doctors.

4. If it is not possible to do exercises, just take a brisk walk for 5 minutes increasing to 20 minutes twice in a day, don’t stop and relax in between, but slow down your pace while walking, whenever you feel tired.

5. You can do yoga also but in the supervision of a teacher if possible, or use a video CD for it. See that you have enough time for the exercises.

6. Aerobics can also help you in losing your weight.

7. Gym can be another option. It has to be kept in mind that once you begin your exercises you have to be regular in doing them or else you will again put back your weight.

8. Plan your food.

9. Think of eating fresh food instead of junk food. Eat fiber. Begin with a raw vegetable, a tomato, cucumber, radish, carrot and anything that you feel you can eat. Or eat fruits. Love to drink green tea at least once in a day; if at all you like to drink tea. Include oats and corns in your breakfast.

10. Don’t satisfy your taste buds but your body’s requirements. Don’t eat to the brim. Keep some space in the stomach for its proper functioning. Avoid snacks and sweets as much as you can. But glucose is needed for proper functioning of the body and also for sound sleep.

11. Drink a lot of water. Avoid soft drinks. Go with fruit juices.

12. Avoid normal rice in the lunch. Eat brown rice. See your meals are providing all types of nutrients to your body.

13. Keep moving while talking on your cell phones.

Begin with the points discussed above and see the results. Once you get into a habit of these exercises you can plan more on your own according to your requirements. First, see that you keep up the pledge and continue with your plans.

Be positive, you will get your rewards.

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