What is the Difference between Roma and Plum Tomatoes?

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What is the Difference between Roma and Plum Tomatoes?

You don't always need a fork to savor the best-ever fruits and foods. Biting into a raw tomato is an excellent example. Be it a tomato season or not, you can always relish them. And the good thing is that you can even grow them in your own home garden. So, there are different types of tomatoes and their specific uses. But the most popularly used are plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes.  

But, what is the difference between plum tomatoes and Roma tomatoes? Aren't these just two different names for one particular kind of tomato? Let's find out!

Different Types Of Tomatoes And Their Uses

Tomatoes have several health benefits along with the capability of being used for different purposes when cooking is concerned. Essentially, there are 7 types of tomatoes used worldwide. From black to Heirloom and plum/ Roma, there are all sorts for every purpose. Tomatoes come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors. Each one of them serves a different purpose. In totality, there are more than 80 different types of tomatoes around the world. It is a fruit used for making pastes, sauces, stuffing, drinks, for cosmetic benefits, canned storage or in soups.

Plum Tomatoes vs. Roma Tomatoes

Both plum and Roma tomatoes are two most commonly used variants of tomatoes. They are consumed worldwide. But the two have different growing conditions. And Roma tomatoes are basically a sub-category of Plum tomatoes which makes them belong to the same family.

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Plum Tomatoes - Paste Tomatoes

Plums are widely cultivated in several European and America regions. They are specifically used in making a paste, for processing and for stuffing. Plums do not have a shape like the regular tomatoes, these are oval or cylindrical. Small sized plums are more commonly used worldwide to serve the purpose of easy blending. Plums can also be the size of a grape and that variety is called as a grape tomato. Plums have a weaker water retention ability along with having lesser seed compartments. However, this is considered as a quality that helps in making rich quality sauces and/ or pastes. Plums are more of commercially sold tomatoes. And the plum tomatoes, canned variety are full of flavor along with being rich in their juice. The texture while cooking remains much heavy and they are of course easier to use. Plum tomatoes, canned variety can be used in any season.

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Roma Tomatoes - Italian Tomatoes

Romas are commonly found in the super markets. These are also called as the Italian plums or Italian tomatoes. They are available in red and yellow colors and are egg or pear shaped. Mexico, the United States, and Australia are the most important areas growing Roma tomatoes. These can be canned and stored for a longer period of time. The prolonged shelf life is possible due to smaller and lesser number of seeds. Romas also have an increased fruit bearing capability. However, these are tasteless. They can boil down at a considerably faster rate. And these aren't a hybrid.

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