Health benefits of eating green mangoes.

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Health benefits of eating green mangoes.

Raw mangoes can fight bacterial infections. Eating unripe mango quenches our thirst. It protects us from negative effects of temperature. It prevents excessive loss of sodium chloride and iron. Mango powder is rich in vitamin C. It is useful in treating scurvy. Vitamin C helps in improving our stamina. Unripe mangoes are rich in pectin. It is a very effective medicine for diarrhea, piles, nausea and indigestion.

Pregnant women love green mangoes as it is prevents morning sickness in them. It helps prevention of new blood cells. It aids in the absorption of iron. Unripe mangoes are alkaline in nature and useful to treat acidity. Raw mangoes also help in weight loss. Eating ripe mangoes may cause weight gain. So opt for unripe green mangoes.

Raw green mangoes are good for the diabetics. Eat one raw mango daily after your lunch. This will revive you from drowsiness. Raw mangoes are also good for your gums. It prevents tooth decay.

Boiled unripe mango juice helps to prevent sunstroke in the summers. Raw mangoes are good for prickly heat. It helps in treating liver disorders. Unripe mangoes are rich in antioxidants. The antioxidants protect our body against cancer and heart stroke. Raw mangoes are a good source of vitamin B. Vitamin B is helpful in strengthening our immune system. It removes all toxins from our body.

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