How to clean pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

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How to clean pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

Pesticides will be present in fruits and vegetables we eat. Strawberries, apples and green vegetables are more exposed to pesticides. Bananas, cauliflower and watermelon have less pesticide residue. 

You can follow some simple techniques to clean your fruits and vegetables

# Wash your vegetables right.

# Vegetable like brinjal, tomato, okra and fruits like mango, pear, apple and grapes carry pesticide residue in the tip.

# Vinegar soak.

# Soak vegetables and fruits in a simple homemade solution. To prepare this solution to take one tablespoon vinegar and mix in one bowl of water. Rinse and use.

# Blanch and peel.

# Soak your vegetables in warm water to remove all the residue. Now peel their skin.

# Buy organic fruits and vegetables to prevent pesticide residue.

# Mix one teaspoon of salt in a bowl of water. Use this for soaking and washing the fruits and vegetables.

# Try to grow your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard.

# You can buy a vegetable cleaner from your grocery shop or just use one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of water to rinse and clean your fruits and vegetables.

# Cut outer sections of cabbage.

# You can also use organic dish wash detergent or liquid to wash vegetables.

# Use a scrub brush to remove dirt from vegetables.

# Try this natural recipe.

# Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a half cup of vinegar. Add one tablespoon lemon juice. You this as a fruit and vegetable wash. Scrub with a scrubber.

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May be

If washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly means removing pesticides from them then yes I do remove pesticides from the fruits and vegetables before consuming them. But there are chances the pesticides aren't gone with just the washing procedure. 

As rightly mentioned in the above article We should be soaking the fruits and vegetables in warm water so that the residue is properly removed and the vegetables and fruits are healthy enough to eat. We can also go for organic veggies and fruits to be sure of the risk of pesticides.


Yes, removing pesticides from your fruits and vegetables will reduce the the amount of bacteria and germs.

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