21 Rich & Happy People Talk About Their Relationship With Money

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21 Rich & Happy People Talk About Their Relationship With Money

Money has always been governing our lives as a means of survival. People tend to spend their entire lives either chasing it or juggling with it. Some are happy without the money, at the same time when others are unhappy even with the abundance of it. There are diverse opinions and beliefs when it comes to money. While many find joy in the splurge, others like to move beyond the materialism.

In one way or another, we end up drawing parallels between money and happiness. Here are some quotes by the rich and famous on the money and happiness equation:-

#1. Warren Buffet- The business magnate, Buffet, believes in saving up for the long run. He finds security and comfort in saving up things that would make him happy even when the market is on the verge of closing.

#2. Henry Ford- For those who find happiness in knowledge, Ford, believed knowledge to be more empowering and securing than money.

#3. Franklin D. Roosevelt- The former US President believed that creativity and achievement were more important and joyous than money.

#4. Charlie Chaplin- Being quite up front about his take on money, the comedian, admitted that money was what drove him towards art. For Chaplin, it was money which became a factor for his career in arts.

#5. Ronald Reagan- President Reagan believed that if not anything, money had the ability to provide you with some great memories.

#6. J.K. Rowling- For the Harry Potter author, money is redundant when it comes to self worth.

#7. Kanye West- The musician, Kanye West, comments upon how people try to buy happiness with the money that they possess.

#8. Kevin Systrom- According to the founder of Instagram, money has the possibility of driving you to insanity.

#9. Tyra Banks- The model and TV star, Banks, values the passion, dream, and ambition more than the money.

#10. Simon Cowell- Cowell, with his interesting take on money, asserts that you are not threatened and intimidated by anything when you have nothing to lose.

#11. Elton John- Simply living your life is the most significant part of being according to the musician, Elton John.

#12. Steve Martin- While the world is left wondering if money could buy happiness, Martin finds joy in all the dumb things he could buy with his money.

#13. Stan Lee- The Marvel Comics chairman, Stan Lee, likes his work more than the money.

#14. Heidi Klum- Human Companionship is the ultimate source of happiness according to the actor, Heidi Klum.

#15. Joan Rivers- Rivers has faith in the power of money. According to the comedian, you could do anything if you have enough money.

#16. Oprah Winfrey- One of the most well knows faces on television, Winfrey, believes that you could do without the money if you have somebody to count on.

#17. Barack Obama- The former US President puts ambition on the highest pedestal. According to him, mere money-driven approach would leave you nowhere.

#18. Bob Marley- Bob Marley believes in maintaining a sense of integrity than to give into the money chase. Ability to leave a positive impact on those around you is more fulfilling for the musician.

#19. Eleanor Roosevelt- For the former First Lady, friends and faith surpassed money at any given time. According to her, Losing a friend was far bigger a loss than losing your money.

#20. Thomas Jefferson- Pleasant and comforting thought held a better in the US President’s heart than his money.

#21. Maya Angelou- For the legendary writer, the key to happiness is not money but to pursue what you love.

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