What can make happier than money

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What can make happier than money
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In this highly materialistic world one cannot deny the need for money, and hence we are assuming that all of us want to create both: health and happiness. To do the same, we have two options; first to wait for turning wealthy and eventually happy with all that money in your hand, and second by being happy and thereby creating wealth for yourself.

In today's economy, it's easier to start with the happiness, because unlike wealth, one can increase the amount of happiness in their life simply by focusing on things that make them happy.

So, here’s a list of few such things that can make you happier than money.

#1. LIFE

Just being alive, having an existence is itself a big miracle, and one should acknowledge it with each passing breath. Being able to see everything happening around and being able to enjoy every moment that life has to offer is itself the best thing to be happy about it. And money can surely not buy your life until you came out of an open heart surgery!


Just like we said before, until and unless you aren’t walking out of an operation theatre, your health is not something you paid for. Staying healthy is the best gift you can give to yourself. A healthy mind and soul makes you happier than anything that money buys.

And just as they say “Health Is Wealth” … one cannot enjoy the happiness that money can buy until they are healthy. So yes, health makes you happier than money for sure!


Nothing can make you happier than knowing your long-term purpose in life and achieving your goals. You are wasting your precious life if you do not find any purpose of your existence and are not working towards it. At a point like this in life, even money won’t be able to help you because, without a purpose in life, you’ll only end up wasting all your money.


We all have friends, which we gain during our childhood, college days and adulthood and keep losing during the same course of life. The ones who stick for the later part are the reason for our happiness in life. Money can let you share a few drinks with your friends, but it’ll never buy you those little moments that you share with your close friends.


Without any doubt, the most important thing for each one of us is our families. If you have a family that loves you immensely, then you are undergoing the deepest source of happiness on this planet, something that money can never buy you.


The world out there is full of competition and if you are one of those who believe in their selves and keeps going until they reach their goals, let me tell you, my friend, you are a happy chap. Money may buy you the best suit in the world, but it cannot buy you the confidence to carry it. It is your self-reliance that can give you the confidence and the courage to find your true happiness.


Rather than focusing on what you couldn’t have, one should focus on what they have and should be thankful for it. Being thankful and appreciative of what you have in life will make you happier than money.


Laughing is the purest form of happiness, and no one can do it away from you. Regular doses of laughter work better than any medicine in keeping you happy and sane.

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Money is a priority for a lot of people in the world, however actually for most of the people. I believe people are actually missing out the quality life because of life. According to me, in order to have a better and happy life it is important to have those genuinely makes you happy, like sex and sleep which can be applicable to everyone. A study from Oxford University which was doe on 8,250 people.  The study showed that most people who had happy life because they had the quality sleep and satisfying sex life. You sleeping schedules can affect your health big time which will surely affect your life. The sexual frustration is also one thing which people don’t take too seriously also affects life in a very negative way. It does not mean that you need loads of sex and sleep in order to be happy. You need the satisfying amount of sleep and sex and you will at least have a mentally sorted life. The study also found that income or money with people had the least impact on their happiness. More than 50% of people had the perspective that money can’t buy happiness. Therefore, living well for me will be something which can give you mental stimulation.

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