Do you Give Money to Beggars?

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Do you Give Money to Beggars?

Have you witnessed beggars strolling on the red lights or near metro links begging for money or food to survive? While some are convincing enough to lure some money out of your pockets, others try hard to beg for the extra buck. Do you think it's fair to give money to beggars?

Tell us what you think about the same? Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views.

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No, in my opinion, beggars should not be given any money. It is simple logic, see if you keep giving them money, they won't work hard to earn because money is easily available to them. Also, do you have any idea as to what are they doing with the money that you are giving them?They might be drinking and doing drugs with it!

And if you think that 'what if the beggar is handicapped', then let me tell you guys, I have seen a person without hands and legs, not begging, but earning his livelihood by selling small items. If he can do it, anyone can and should! So, stop giving them any money right away!

If the person begging has all his body parts in absolute working condition, you should hesitate from giving them any money. 

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