If you were Rich, would you still Work?

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If you were Rich, would you still Work?

Having a job is a necessary nightmare for the common people as they have to pay their bills and also enjoy their leisure time of life. Everyone has a life to run of course! However, this might not be the same case for those who have piles of cash in front of them all the time. This is an inevitable debate that whether someone having an endless amount of money will still work or not? For those who do not possess so much wealth, the question is sort of like “will you still work if you get a lottery tomorrow?” The question remains unanswered. Though, different people may have a different perspective towards this question.  

Listening to this, the recent global Monster poll had a debate question as “would you still work if you didn’t have to?” 60% of the population answered that Yes! They will continue to work even after getting rich. People who don’t want to be employed were less than 40%. Therefore, this debate can never get a certain closure or end. Is being financially secure in life enough? That said, this is another debate altogether. However, not forgetting the fact that having a job or working for most of the people is not a choice but an obligation. There are very few people who get the job they actually want to have. Let us now explore both the sides of the coin.

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Reasons People Continue To Work

The father of psychiatry, Sigmund Freud says that the fulfillment of life is because of two key features that are Love and Work. Initially, after listening to this question people will say that they want to quit everything, own a mansion with dozens of servants, live a luxurious life and travel the world. However, most of the people as we saw, think that having money only is not enough for a good life. A job keeps the life interesting, maintain the network and skills of a person and of course you feel productive about your life and yourself. Also, leaving everything and living a full-time gig life can be after an age when your kids are bored and annoyed with you. So the most common reasons to remain employed even when it is optional can be: 

#1. Keep Up An Active Life

In order to have a life which is active where you are actually living, it is very significant to have something that you can look forward to on a daily basis. A regular or even a part-time job can keep the life active and ongoing. Anyway, even millionaires don’t like monotonous life!

#2. To Not Get Bored

A boring life? Moreover for a rich brat? A big ‘no’ right! A place where you can go and do something that makes you happy and content are important to lead a life which is not boring. Life cannot be an endless vacation, even if you have enough time to make it that way.

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#3. To Have  A Socially Acceptable Place For The Weekdays

Roaming around the world all the time will also become monotonous. After one point in life, you will start feeling devastated. Being in a place for some time, making friends and then leaving those people for a next destination cannot happen for life. You will have to find a place where you belong.

#4. Have A Comfortable Routine Life

Adventurous life cannot be handled for life. A person’s basic need is to get a comfortable and sorted life after a point in life. Who does not want a sorted life where you don’t have to face a new task every day? This is somewhere required in everyone’s life.

#5. Maintain A Life Of Purpose

Having a specific purpose of the life becomes mandatory to calm down the strive to have a direction in life. Having a purpose is a major in life. Some people invest their whole life to find the purpose of their life. Work that you are doing is also the main part in that.

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#6. Stay In Between Challenges

Going on vacations and traveling the world is amazing. But those are called vacations for a reason. Your whole life cannot be invested into traveling. Discovering your mental potential and accepting the challenges which make you work more for the upcoming challenges.

#7. Strive For Greater Achievements

Nobody wants to stick to one place. Isn’t it? Everyone wants to move forward in life and achieve greater things in life. In order to do that, the place of a professional life is extremely important. Nobody feels great in just sitting in a luxurious home. You feel proud and great about yourself by achieving greater places for yourself.

#8. Keep The Life Real

Making life like a fantasy and dreamlike only feel great in watching, not living. You ought to have some real aspect of your life in order to keep the reality intact. A job is one of them, which is extremely precious to some people.

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#9. Holding A Job Identity

There is a perspective of identity which is related to the being employed. The longer you stay on a job, the more you have a part of your identity with you. The identity also gets linked with the self-image. People are often even referred as their designation. We all have friends or relatives who are called doctor uncle or engineer brother. The occupation you choose becomes a part of your identity. Losing a job is like losing the part of your identity.

The people who have strongly associated their identity, work and the purpose of their lives are likely to work even if they become or are rich in their life. Though, the possibility is this as well that there are people who would not like to work if they are rich or become rich.

Reasons People Don’t Continue To Work 

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#1. Want To Become Their Own Boss

If you have immense money in your bank, why would you work under your boss and listen to their constant cries? Most people prefer not to work and open their own business houses to regulate the flow of money in the house. They prefer to stay away from the hassle of the clock, dissatisfaction at work and stress. 

The beauty of being rich enough is that even after retirement you get to choose what you want to do. You can establish whatever you want to do.

#2. Don't Need To Earn A Living

If you own a bank balance that is amounting to figures having 6-8 digits, why would you slog yourself to earn a living? Most people who belong to this category, have this thinking that they do not need to earn a living as they have enough funds in their account to support generations to come. Thus, they abandon their duties to work and instead focus on how to live their life at ease. 

#3. Prefer Indulging In Charity Work

While most abandon their work, other's indulge in charity work to make a difference in the society. They, instead, focus their resources on contributing to the society than engaging in hardcore work in corporate setups. Some people also suggest becoming philanthropists so that they can do whatever possible in their reach to fulfill the needs of those who underprivileged.

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#4. Pursue Their Passion

For most, work is not their passion. Job and passion are two different spheres, and not many have been able to merge the two worlds. If you were still rich, the chances are that you may abandon the work life to pursue your passion, which may be golf, horseriding or Gym Regime for that matter. Most people, who are rich, prefer to invest their time in things that they have a passion for than working under rigid industry standards to make money. 

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#5. Make Traveling Their Ultimate Goal

Also not to forget, some people love traveling and making their life an endless vacation. So it is not necessarily a fantasy. There are people who want to do and still do it. There are travel bloggers and travelers all over the world who just live for traveling.

Everyone has a different perspective. Share your thoughts on this with us in the comment section below.

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