How does Influenster work?

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How does Influenster work?

Are you somebody who likes laying their eyes on products which are kept for testing in makeup shops or be it grocery shopping? Influentser is the right place for you! You must be thinking what is Influencer and how does Influenster work? Let us help you out.

It is a platform that gives out free stuff in boxes every month to achieve their aim which includes giving feedback on products all over the social media. Also, if you are already a user of ‘Influenster,' then I’m sure you would love to check out their programs such L’Oreal Consumer Testing Program and more.

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What Is Influentser Voxbox?

It is a box filled with free products which are to be reviewed by you. And the best part is that you can keep them with you.  Often, these boxes sent out are based on a particular theme and sometimes can have one product or a group of products by the same company.
They are amazing boxes which can have things worth dollars. Many users in the past have come across stuff such as Keurig coffee brewer, clothes and more.

How To Join It?

Just visit its page and press on ‘Get Started.' Get yourself registered by email or with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Once you are done with the first step, then you would receive an email in your inbox asking you fill in your personal details on your profile. To our surprise, it a free program and also you don’t need any invitation to join it.

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Why Connect Your Social Media Accounts?

Once you join Influenster, you must link all your social media accounts to it to avail benefits. Also, on the top of the page, you get to keep an eye on your impact score.

Just understand the higher your score remains, there will be more chances of you getting the vox box filled with products which are free of cost. So, understand that impact score is the best way to receive a box so don’t forget to put in valuable efforts from your side!
Start off by connecting all your social media accounts and it may take up to few hours to calculate your impact score.

And if you still witness a low impact score after linking Influenster to all your accounts, then follow the below-mentioned steps diligently:

#1.  Don’t forget to increase your social media followers

#2. More friends, more chances to win. Get your friends to join Influenster

#3. Also, you could place an Influenster widget on your website if you own one

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On The Receiving End

If you’ve qualified, then you would definitely get a VoxBox filled with a surprise in the mail. Also, pay a visit to the ‘Campaigns’ section on the dashboard to see what you could do with your box of surprises!

Hope you liked our article! If you face any doubts while reading the article, let us know! Comment on the box below to express your views.

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