How to Stop Complaining & Whining all the time?

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How to Stop Complaining & Whining all the time?

Studies have shown that the human brain has the tendency of focusing on the negative. That is why, all it takes to ruin your mood even after a great day at work is one bad email or bad reaction from a stranger.

But no matter how ridiculous your day is going, one thing you should refrain from is turning into a complainer. People, not only in the US but most parts of the world, seek to avoid negative emotions, and you spewing complaining about your boss, work or life, in general, will only drive people away. Also, complaining could further have adverse effects on your brain and physical well-being.

So, here is a list of a few things that can help you stop useless complaining and become a more positive person that people would want to be around.

#1. Develop A Positive Attitude

You should start by cultivating a positive attitude and begin perceiving problems in a different way. It is quite simple to stress over unfavorable circumstances. Rather, you should just accept that life is not always straight forward and focus on how to deal with those circumstances. Whenever setbacks come your way, move forward with a positive attitude and remember that you can get over these.

#2. Adapt 

Change is the only thing consistent in life, whether it comes in a day, a week, month or a year, and not all changes are positive. Grieve for an appropriate time, but don’t deny the reality. Accepting changes will help you move on in life. Seeing the positive in a negative situation could be a challenge so, concentrate on the opportunity rather than an obstacle.

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#3. Be Mindful 

You cannot change the past and worry about the future won’t take you anywhere. Thus, complaining about either is pointless and a waste of time. Put your energy to better use and replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Accept everything that life has to offer and learn mindful attitudes like patience from bad circumstances.

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#4. Be Assertive 

Dropping the habit of complaining doesn’t mean you should become a doormat for somebody. Be assertive and let other people know your needs and how can they be met. Be expressive about what you want from others.

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#5. Stop Judging 

Making mistakes is a part of life and being critical of others will make you a chronic complainer. Do not focus on what the situation must have been, rather what it is. It is impossible to control every situation. Therefore, it is best to let go and adjust with the outcome.

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#6. Take Responsibility

Take responsibility for your mistakes, but not the ones made by others. Be responsible beings with self-respect, and you can begin by rethinking about yourself and your decision-making process.

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#7. Move Forward

Do not let obstacles keep you from moving forward in your life. Some people and circumstances in life will surely annoy you, but that is no excuse to forget about the positives. Remember, every bad or negative situation will pass and none of your problems will exist forever.

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So, if you have been driving people away with your nagging and complaining about everyone and everything, this is high time that you stopped it. If there’s any other tip you have for complainers, how they can change their behavior, let us know through Comments Box below.

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