Does all Work and no Play make for a Dull Life?

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Does all Work and no Play make for a Dull Life?

Loving your job is one thing, but often we end up feeling monotonous and drained doing the same thing over and over again. As a self-professed workaholic, I never shrank from work but off late I have realized that there is a limit to how much the mind and the body can take.

It started with dull aches and soon I found myself becoming increasingly forgetful, my focus for things I could easily accomplish was steadily diminishing. That's when I realized that I need to take a break from my rigorous schedule and actually have some fun. I don't when or why we started frowning at the idea of enjoying life. Rather it is important to let go of the burden and just relax. Do you also feel that it is essential to indulge in some fun activities in life to take away the monotony of work? If so, please share your methods of handling this issue in the comment box given below. 

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Sure it does! having no work life balance will make your life dull and boring.

Yes, without any doubt.

Yes, it is. 

It is important to have balance in between your professional and your personal life. If you think that you can do without having a personal life, you're highly mistaken. While you may seem to enjoy work, in the beginning, it is only a matter of time before your life will get monotonous. You will eventually burn yourself down, and then, that one day, when you come back home looking for some comfort, you'll find yourself extremely alone. 

Yes, all work and no play will not only make your life dull, it will make it hard for you to work. We all need that little amount of time to refresh our minds and give it the time to rest. We all have things other than the work we do, that we love. We all have hobbies. No matter how much we love our work, we all have other things we wish to experience in our lives. We should not forget the fact that we are not robots, there are many aspects of life that do not fall under work it can be about giving time to our families, it can be about visiting places we wish to see, there can be things we wish to create. We need to understand the fact that we do not do things for money only. We also do it for creative satisfaction, we also do it to be and feel happy. At the end of the day it I s not about what we did at work only, it is also about the kind of experiences we had that made us happy. We do not know how long we are going to live. We do not know what is going to happen next. It is better to fulfill those desires that we all have in our hearts, those that our true heart’s desire. It is true that we all need money as a resource for doing most things in life. I also agree that we all need to work. But, what I intend to say is the fact that we all need to have sufficient time to look after health, to spend time with our loved ones, also to be able to become, not only a rich individual but also a very happy individual.

Obviously! Why do you think multinationals spend money on taking their staff for outings and also bring in spiritual and life coaches to help people tackle stress. Working yourself into the ground is not going to be of any use, neither to you or to your employer.If you overburden yourself with work and not take out time for yourself, your mind and body are going to eventually give up. It is important to maintain a balance and not exert yourself too much. You can take walk in nature and breathe in some fresh air, join a hobby class where you get to learn something and meet new people. If it has got too much for you then why not just take a long break and go for a vacation. Believe me, this is going to increase your productivity. 

What is dull and boring and what is exciting is all in our heads. Some of us may have fun indulging in adventurous activities while others may like to delve into a novel during their free time. We are perhaps programmed to know what is fun and what is not since our childhood. In the same way, some of us might prefer working till late in the office and others may choose to catch up with friends. This is perhaps a personal choice that most of us are entitled to make. The choice you make does not make your life dull and boring. If you are enjoying what you do, do not care what others think. 

Yes. If you just work and work and there is no play activity in your life then you invite a boring life at your door step. You need to balance out both in order to lead a healthy life. Some of us are workaholics and we swear by our work but don't forget that too much of work can drain all the energy from your body thus leaving you tired at the end of the day. At least try doing your favorite activity for an hour a day to keep your brain healthy and fresh. If you mind is fresh, then you can execute your other works quite well.

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