What are the effects of deforestation?

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What are the effects of deforestation?

Dawn of doomsday can only mean that trees are being cut. Deforestation is the utmost menace to living. It can terminate us silently sans a warning.

Life on Earth is made beautiful and delightful due to the presence of trees. It gives us the fresh air we require and the panacea for the pollution which is escalating like never in a wink. But what do we do? Slay it for ourselves, we think. But the adverse effects it has on our environment, do we think about that? Obviously not. The man has been selfish from the beginning of civilization; he wants everything for himself that he never thinks beyond. A little thinking before one act is beneficial for oneself, but the man never reasons. Trees give us life that is blissful and calm. Due to the advance in technology, life is getting easier but umpteen untold disasters are striking us.

The ecosystem survives due to the forests. If there is any imbalance in nature, then everything changes. Deforestation is totally devastating our planet. Due to deforestation, we can see that there is an increase in soil erosion, decrease in water level, climatic changes, increase in greenhouse gasses and loss of life. Many species, being deprived of their homes are dying which is having adverse effects on the Earth.


The canopy of trees which protect the forests is being wiped off, due to which one cannot survive. Due to the uprooting of trees, we can see that soil erosion is taking its toll. Many forests are now barren land due to soil erosion. The mineral-rich soil is fading away day by day and we do not realize the damage it is making. Who knows, maybe the future generation would see trees in books.

Today we are aware that our climate is changing drastically. If it is sunny, then in a second rain starts and we cannot take this climate change. We see unnamed diseases striking us and many are dying due to it. As the population is increasing, we notice that rich lands are cleared to make shelters, but are the cut trees planted again? In many places, the sun is scorching people, why? Because the natural pattern of the Earth is being tampered with.

There is a burgeoning rise in greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Without the trees to absorb carbon, there is a decrease in oxygen. People are deprived of fresh air and many are suffocating due to the aggregating pollution. Many inhabitants are robbed of their homes and they fade away little by little. If this continues, then the poise of the earth will be in chaos and who knows if we will survive it. Harsh climate can eliminate us and trees are the only solution to it. But if we keep on destroying the source which provides life then our world will surely face what we call the end of the world.

Due to the upsurge in the toxic level in the air, people are facing lots of problems. Greenhouse gasses are affecting the planet in a major way. The glaciers are melting and floods are occurring due to the cutting of trees. Many habitats are ruined due to man’s excessive greed. His dominion has resulted in this outcome and we are in the dark. Many people are not aware of what is ensuing. If people would care about it then it can be stopped.

If we cannot do anything on a large scale, then at least we can start by making our neighbors and society aware of it and plant trees everywhere, so that our environment can again regain its balance. This escalating plague can only be stopped by us. So get ready and plant trees.


Agree. We must plant trees to prevent this plague which will destroy our environment and ecology.

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