What are Truffles?

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What are Truffles?

Have you ever wondered why your chocolate truffle pastry tastes much more delicious in comparison to your regular chocolate pastry? Are you in love with all the various truffle pastries you get to eat? Or are you simply fascinated about how the taste of chocolate is elevated to some other level?

The two ingredients that make your chocolate truffle are chocolate and cream. No doubt it has to be exceptionally delicious. These are just the two core ingredients; you can add any other ingredients to suit yourself. You can also choose to use them in range of deserts and as creatively as possible.

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What Are Truffles? How Are They Made?

Truffles have a gourmet reputation; they are used as an ingredient for exotic deserts. As opposed to that making them is super easy and does not involve any detailed processes that could require any professional help. After you have found the best chocolate and some heavy whipped cream, you can proceed with the making of chocolate truffle.

Firstly you need to heat some cream and then pour the hot cream on the chocolates. Next, you will need to keep whisking the entire mixture until it becomes a smooth, rich and creamy mixture. This silky mixture is known as ganache. You can choose to use any chocolate for making the truffle. Keeping in mind the fact that it is going to be mixed with cream, it will be the best thing to mix it with a semi sweet chocolate, which has about 60per cent cacao solids. For the purpose of various recipes, you may need to add some butter or other ingredients such as corn syrup, exotic nuts, and citrus zest.

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The best thing about truffle is the fact that it can be used as a topping for various pastries and cakes. It can be used as a layer of cream in exotic gourmet cakes which are customized for special occasions and also used a major part of a cake. You can also choose to mold it into various shapes and create delicious chocolate truffle toffies with them, which can be eaten independently and also used as toppings for various desserts. It also serves as a very common ingredient for cake decoration. Originally these chocolate truffles were made into tiny balls by rolling these into in the palms, and then they were dipped into chocolate powder. This gave them the look of the fungus called truffle and that is why it got its name ‘truffle’ or ‘chocolate truffle’.

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While making them at home do keep in mind the fact that though making them is very easy, you may encounter a few issues. Please keep the temperature of the cream in mind and keep whipping constantly without any pause, to avoid any challenges that are possible. Most of the times taking a long pause in the whipping process may lead to various issues and your truffle may not turn out perfect.

Do you love chocolate truffle? Do make it at home? What is your favorite chocolate truffle recipe? Please comment below to let us know your opinion.

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