Should the Names of Seasons be Capitalized?

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Should the Names of Seasons be Capitalized?

Ever wondered why do we never capitalize seasons? We always use the upper limits when writing the days of the week, or months of a year, then why not the seasons?

Seasons are the slice of our lives, then why aren’t they given the same importance?

Certain capitalization rules need to be followed in the case of seasons. Here' are some, to begin with!

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Rules of Capitalizing Seasons

#1. We capitalize the words that are proper nouns, seasons being general or common nouns do not need any capitalization.

Eg: The winter season is my favorite.

     : It gets really hot in the summers.

#2. When a season is used as a noun or as an adjective in a sentence, it shouldn’t be capitalized.

Eg: It was surprisingly warm in the winters.

So when can we capitalize them?

There are Exceptions to the Rules.

#1. Seasons can be capitalized when used at the beginning of a sentence. It is a basic rule in sentence formation.

Eg: Winter is my least favorite season

    : Spring is my favorite season.

#2. Seasons can be capitalized if personified in a piece of poetry.

Eg: And Spring arose on the garden fair,

      Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;

     And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast

#3. Seasons can be capitalized when used as titles.

Eg: Paris is about to showcase its famous Spring Collection soon.

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Did you know all these facts about capitalization of seasons? Let us know in the comment section below.

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