10 Important Tips You Must Follow To Stay Healthy This Summer

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10 Important Tips You Must Follow To Stay Healthy This Summer

The capital city, New Delhi broke all previous records of having the highest temperatures when the mercury reached a whopping 46 degree Celsius over the week, whereas other parts of India have already touched 48 degrees. The rising heat affects your overall health, in some cases, causes the fatal heat stroke too!

The advisable thing to do here would be to avoid any kind of contact with the sun. However, in everyday’s life that is not really an option. So taking good care of your body gives you a better chance at withstanding the sun’s might in these hot days. 

Here is a list of things that you should keep in mind to ensure a healthy life over the course of this harsh summer season: 

Avoid Direct Sunlight 

Avoid any kind of direct exposure to the sunlight, especially in the peak hours of 10 am to 3 pm. The sun’s intensity is the maximum during this period. Limit your time in direct sunlight to not more than an hour, if possible. 

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Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

Avoid drastic changes in temperatures around you. For instance, don’t hover between an air-conditioned room and outside frequently. This could have drastic effects on your body. Also, before stepping out of a cool room, make sure you’re at room temperature before stepping out. 

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Check Electrolytes

“During summers, it is very important for you to maintain your body electrolyte and fluid levels. In order to prevent being attacked by the heat, make sure you drink plenty of water or have something like lemonade before you step out. In fact, you can make an oral rehydrating solution for yourself which should be consumed if you plan to stay outdoors for a long time," says Dr. Simran Saini, a Delhi-based nutritionist. An adequate amount of salt is important too as it helps in water retention. 

Hydrate and Hydrate 

Drink enough water; on an average one should drink at least 2L of water in a day. Make water your best friend. Not just plain water, you can opt for any kind of flavored drink that can help you in being hydrated, like an energy drink and even homemade Jal jeera and Aam Panna.


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Workout in Moderation

Remember that excessive physical activity drains out a lot of essential electrolytes from your body. So make sure you’re not pushing the bar too much in these summers as it can even cause a heat stroke. 

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Include Citrus Fruits and Seasonal Veggies

Diest becomes a very crucial part of your meal in summers. What you eat bears consequences on your body. So, avoid eating over-spicy and fermented food items. Instead, go for something lighter and consume it in small proportions. Increase the amount of citrus in your food as more Vitamin C means more immunity. 

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Watch What You Wear

Just like your diet, what you wear is also very important. Go for something which is lighter and provides a good amount of ventilation to your skin, so that the temperature of your body doesn’t rise too high. Avoid wearing synthetics or silk and satin. 

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Shower And Stay Clean

As much as your body needs an intake of water, it needs from the outside too. Shower multiple times a day to keep your body, especially your head, cold. This is also the easiest way to get refreshed quickly. 

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Use Sun Protection

If you can’t help but step out in the sun, make sure you apply a good sunscreen to your body to avoid direct contact with the overpowering sun rays. Go for a sunscreen that has SPF 30 or higher preferably with Ultra Violet (UV) protection. 

Avoid The Weekend Drinks 

Alcohol or sodas can make fluid leave your body faster, causing severe dehydration or heat strokes during the summer. Avoid consuming alcohol and opt for other cooler beverages or sports beverages instead. 

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