11 Fashionable Blouse Sleeve Designs & Styles

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11 Fashionable Blouse Sleeve Designs & Styles

With the wedding season approaching, it’s time for all ladies to get their sarees and blouses stitched. While most opt for elegant yet mundane designs of sleeves for the blouse, you can go bold with your choice to adorn a look different from others and make a fashion statement with the attire.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through these best types of blouse sleeve designs and experiment with your look this wedding season:

#1. Straight Sleeves

If you are not one of those who likes to wear anything outside their comfort zone, the range of these types of saree blouses is ideal for you. It has many variants in its form depending upon the length of the piece, extending from full sleeves, half sleeves, and quarter sleeves. While full sleeve blouse is in fashion nowadays, you can also opt for half sleeves if you want to flaunt your arms.

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Styling Tip: Looks the best in brocade, lace and georgette blouses with a saree draped in any style!

#2. Tube Style Blouse

If it’s a summer wedding, then go with no sleeves this season! Drop the cloth off your sleeve and flaunt your tube-styled blouse. Since many cannot carry this style of blouse, you may be a part of the few who experimented with their sleeves and wore something out of the box.

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Styling Tip: More than the design, it’s the attitude with which you carry the blouse that will add glamor to the style!

#3. Puff Sleeves

When Madhuri Dixit wore this style of sleeves on the sets of Indian dance reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’, it stole the hearts of many for its elegant look, becoming one of the most popular fashion trends among the young ladies. If you want to abandon the normal sleeves, while keeping the element of elegance intact, make this your choice of sleeves this season.

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Styling Tip: Avoid having any embroidery around the neck as it subdues the show of the sleeves! Brighter colors will best compliment the style.

#4. Sleeveless Blouse

You will see many girls wearing this style of sleeves for their farewell. It’s neither too bold to pull off nor too boring, thus a vast majority of girls opt for this style. Its classic design allows you to flaunt your arms with an assurance that it’s not going to get too hot to handle.

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Styling Tip: Opt for embroidered or blouses with work to compliment with the saree!

#5Halter Sleeves

Want to try something stunning? Try adopting this style of sleeves as the next design for your saree! The blouse is sleeveless, but the beauty of this cut lies in the manner is hangs on the neck instead of the shoulders. Not just that, this look can be improvised to suit your comfort level. If you are uncomfortable with the design, try halter illusion, another design that gives a look similar to halter necks. Just that, the sleeves are hanging by the neck and the shoulders.

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Styling Tip: This style of blouse looks the best with crepe sarees!

#6. Cold Shoulder

This style of sleeves has been trending, with shirts and dresses flaunting the same design. The gorgeous cut exposes the shoulder while wrapping the sleeves around the arms, to give a beautiful look to the blouse. It's definitely one of the designs of blouses that one must have in their wardrobe.

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Styling Tip: Since the show is all about the shoulder, try wearing a saree draped with a seedha pallu or a pallu beginning of the top of the arm to look the best!

#7. Bell Sleeves

If you want to flaunt a retro look, this is an ideal design for you! The bell sleeve was a trend from the 60s and 70s that made its way back to the top trends in the present age. The loose long sleeve of the blouse looks adorable when worn under a saree, adding grace to the attire. This style can be improvised to look more stylish. You can adjust the length of the sleeve from the wrist to the length of the floor, depending on the look that fancies you.

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Styling Tip: Ensure that you do not leave the pallu falling over the shoulder! Pin it neatly with pleats and see the wonders!

#8. Cape Style Blouse

With capes re-featuring in the market, most designers are recommending this style for the season. It looks classy and stylish and adds to the aura of the saree, enabling the lady to stand out for her choice in the Indian wear. This latest saree blouse design reminds many of the Red Riding Hood who draped a long red cape over her shoulder as she explored through the forest!

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Styling Tip: One can experiment with the length of the cape, extending the length of the sides according to their wishes.

#9. Off-Shoulder

If you feel that sleeveless is a little boring and the Tube-styled blouse is a little too bold, opt for a choice that settles between them. Off shoulder blouses allow the ladies to enjoy the comfort of a sleeve along with the luxury of showing off their shoulder line. Nowadays, most Bollywood actress is opting for this design to improvise their look.

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Styling Tip: Lace or Net sarees best compliment this style!

#10. Bishop Sleeves

Inspired by the Victorian age, this design of sleeves is slowly emerging to become one of the predominant designs in the fashion industry, with many opting for this to play with the theme of retro. Thus, if you want to try something new and do not want to go with puff sleeves, this is something you must try!

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Styling Tip: This design looks the best in white georgette!

#11. Boxy Sleeves

The style defines elegance with the privilege of a showing off a bell sleeve without the glamorized flutter. It's best suited for those who detest the pomp and opt for somber designs to look beautiful.

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Styling Tip: Pastel colors and black will look the best in this design!

Want to add to the list of fashionable sleeves styles of blouses? We would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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Cold Shoulder

Blouses in this wedding season are the most trending asset for the ethnic outfits. Every designer has come up with the most wonderful designs and the trendiest designs are here for the wedding season. The cold shoulder is my personal favorite as it gives a unique look to the saari. More importantly, it also provides a fusion touch to the ethnic look. Since ethenics have not experimented much earlier. I believe now is the time we should explore our creativity and choose the best designs for ourselves. The cape style blouse also has the capacity to change the entire saari look. That is also very different as it can change the Saari look into a lehenga look. The most loved style of the cape has come into blouses now. What can be better than combining a western and Indian look together? This fusion can also work perfectly for this wedding season. 

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