What Are Some Dressing Hacks That Everyone Must Know?

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What Are Some Dressing Hacks That Everyone Must Know?

Certain times, we believe doing things in a particular way that is influenced by a number of factors. However, it has happened quite a number of times that we come to the realization that there was perhaps an easier way of doing things than we’ve known to do.

This applies to many things in life including fashion. Fashion is perhaps an area where we tend to make the maximum mistakes and it is only by knowing a few tips and tricks that we can improve the way we look drastically.

These fashion hacks are sure to make things a lot easier for you and the next time you find yourself in any kind of a fashion trouble, you know exactly what to do. Take a look:

#1. If you have to tuck your shirt in, always go for the basic way to tuck in your shirt. It is called the Military tuck and makes you look sharper.

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#2. If you’re wearing a formal shirt then always make sure the seam of your shirt sits at the point of your shoulders.

(Image Courtesy: The Guide Liverpool)

#3. After you’ve attained a perfect military tuck, make sure that the edge of your shirt, belt, and zipper flap are all aligned in a straight line. It is a basic and must-do while rocking a tucked shirt look.

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#4. When our jeans or trousers get old, the zip gains a tendency to simply not remain at its position and rolls down certain times. To keep your zipper up and intact, you can use a key ring.

(Image Courtesy: Asma)

#5. If you haven’t been blessed with a good height, then don’t worry as this one is just for you. Wear pumps the color of your skin tone as you look taller in them.

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#6. We all understand how irritating visible bra straps are. Use bra strap concealer to avoid wide neck tops from falling off your shoulder.

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#7. For a perfect look to carry to your office, you can wear a fitted tank top between your sweater and a button-up shirt to appear slimmer.

(Image Courtesy: Quora)

#8. Accessories can add a lot of charm to even dull and bland clothing. You can do just that by coordinating your necklaces with the neckline of your top.

(Image Courtesy: Etsy)

#9. Whoever said that the functions of a belt were not many was hugely mistaken. Belts can give a new dimension to your outfit altogether. Use belt knots to add a bit of character to your outfit.

(Image Courtesy: Sincerely Miss Ash)

#10. Wearing ripped jeans definitely, gives a great look to women. However, have you ever considered wearing tights under ripped jeans? If you haven’t already, we would suggest you try it today as it is a definite crowd pleaser.

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#11. Try wearing vertical stripes. Horizontal lines make you look wider while verticals and pinstripes make you appear taller.

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#12. We all make basic fashion mistakes all the time. Wearing boots the wrong way is perhaps one of the most common of those mistakes. Here’s how to wear your boots right way with non-skinny jeans.

(Image Courtesy: Quora)

#13. Here’s a great fashion hack for men. We all love to wears blazers as it adds a different kind of a charm to our personality. Here is a basic thing to keep in mind while wearing suits and blazers. The width of your tie should always be equal to the width of your blazer lapel. Always!

(Image Courtesy: Quora)

#14. For that suave office-going look, always try matching your socks with your pants. If that is not possible, try to match your socks with your shoes. It makes you look sharper.

(Image Courtesy: The Verve)

#15. We all know just how much of a sex appeal is added to a person upon rolling their sleeves up. Here’s a great life hack: To roll your sleeves of your shirt up, always prefer the J Crew Roll. It is easier to do and also wrinkles your sleeves less upon unrolling them.

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#16. Talking of boots brings us to another common mistake that girls make. If you’re a fan of wearing ankle boots, then make sure you’re wearing them the correct way. Here is how.

(Image Courtesy: Un-Fancy)

#17. Whoever said that men didn’t have much choice in their clothing was definitely wrong. There are so many ways that men can stand apart from the crowd even while wearing the stuff. Always match your belt with your shoes.

(Image Courtesy: RealMenRealStyle)

#18. We all know how big of a headache it is to wear backless dresses. However, to make a little easier for the ladies out there, sew old or cheap bra cups into a backless dress for a proper fit.

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#19. If your shoe is in a sad state of affairs and you still don’t want to invest in a new one, you can use a marker of the same color to hide any tears.

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