How to choose a Wedding Dress with Sleeves?

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How to choose a Wedding Dress with Sleeves?

Oh! It’s your wedding next month and you still don’t what to wear? I’m sure you wish to look the best bride ever, but you are unaware of the ongoing fad! Sleeves with a wedding dress are the trend which has got the world hooked. Let us help you in fetching the right sleeves for your big day! Although, make sure to choose the right sleeves with your wedding dress else you might end up ruining your special day.

Here are some guidelines to follow to choose the right sleeve to make your day extra special:

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Taking Coverage Into Consideration

#1. Capped sleeves:

These sleeves are trendy yet revealing. Choose these sleeves if you have a summer wedding. They only cover the top of your shoulder and provide the least coverage! Do not try it if you become conscious in showing some skin that you’ve got.

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#2. Short Sleeves:

They land about midway between your shoulder and elbow. They provide a good amount of coverage than capped leaves. Opt for these sleeves if you are in for a summer or a spring wedding! Strictly, it is for fashion-goers!

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#3. Elbow-length Sleeves:

These sleeves end up at your elbow or slightly near it. If you wish your sleeves to land near your elbow, choose three-quarter sleeves. They are a good compromise between short and long sleeves! Also, they are a great choice for spring or autumn weddings. If you want an illusion of sleeves, choose lace or mesh elbow or three-quarter sleeves.

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Consider Your Body Type

#1. Compliment Your Upper Arm Size

Sleeves are really important when it comes to complimenting your arms. For those who have thin arms, you can opt for all kinds of sleeves. However, if you arm is on a thicker side, one should avoid capped sleeves as it will draw attention to the bulky arm. Instead, choose short sleeves with a portrait neckline because it will draw attention to your collarbone and shoulders instead of your upper arms.

#2. Attention To The Bust

Do you know the benefits of wearing short sleeves? They catch eyes to your bust or upper body proportions. In case, you have a small chest or want to accentuate your bust, try out the short sleeves and see the magic! Not to forget, they also balance a full slit dress.

#3. Accentuate Your Waist

Your waist might get accentuated with elbow length sleeves. So don’t wait, just try them out! This is a great option for girls and women who have a slender waist and who wish to draw attention to their waist. They also work sound with dresses that perfect the waist like a corset, mermaid and A-line styled dresses.

#4. Emphasize Your Hips

Do you know three-quarter sleeves can get attention to your hips and lower body? Always balance out your upper body if it’s bigger by selecting a dress with three-quarter sleeves.
#5. Fetch Attention To Your Face

Choose long sleeves as they blend in with the dress easily. Also, they get more attention to your face than your body type. Hence, if you want to fetch attention to your beautiful face and hair then choose this style without a second thought!

Determining The Design

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#1. Choose Light, Fluttery Sleeves

These sleeves fall loosely into your arms. They can either be long or short. They are usually made up of a light material, like chiffon so that they can move easily. Choose this type of sleeve for maximum flexibility.

#2. Go For A Vintage Look

These sleeves are bound to give you vintage Victorian look. You could either choose short or elbow length puffed sleeves which are an altered version of the long puffed sleeves.

#3. Bohemian Look

Dagged sleeves, also known as angel sleeves, open dramatically at or below the shoulder and give a beautiful fall. The sleeve is usually shorter in the front and longer in the back, adding grace and rustic touch to your dress while giving it a modern and bohemian look.

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