I'm 'Not' Lovin' It! McDonald's Closes Down 43 Out Of 55 Outlets In Delhi

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I'm 'Not' Lovin' It! McDonald's Closes Down 43 Out Of 55 Outlets In Delhi

Are you a fan of McDonald’s? Behold your breath as the fast food giants announce to shut down 43 out of 55 McDonald’s restaurant outlets in Delhi. Although, reports suggest that the decision is temporary, however, it will be in effect on urgent basis.

According to media reports, the move to shut down the operations at 43 outlets of McDonald’s is an outcome of an internal conflict between the CRPL (Connaught Plaza Restaurants) and the US-headquartered McDonald’s. Infighting between Vikram Bakshi and US Headquartered McDonald’s, that holds 50-50 local joint partnership as they carry out functions in North and East India, led to this catastrophic decision to terminate services in most outlets in Delhi.

(Image Courtesy: IBTimes)

After a meeting via Skype on Thursday, the management decided to shut down the services with immediate effect, putting the jobs of 1700 employees at risk. With this, there is an air of uncertainty around the future of McDonald’s in Delhi.

Although reports suggesting that the move is temporary are doing rounds on the internet. Until the issue gets resolved, seems like all McDonald’s fans will have to control their cravings and pray for the return of their favorite food joint!

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