Why you shouldn't eat fast food

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are all fast foods unhealthy? why we should we ignore or shouldn't eat fast food.?

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If you are looking for some fast food recipes and also wants to know that the tasty food have any drawbacks or not then I would want to list down some pointers which could directly represents the solution. See, I got to know from Living Foodz that it contains much amount of Nitrates which causes cancer, fat which causes cholesterol and salt that increases blood pressure and cause bloating.

There are several reasons due to which a person should not eat fast food. I want to discuss some points by which you also want to keep the distance from fast food:-

1. Food hygiene.

2. It can cause depression in teenagers.

3. It can increase the risk of kidney disease.

4. It can affect the functioning of the brain.

5. It increases the risk of heart disease.

6. It increases the risk of cancer.

It's also important to check intolerance of food before eating because it's better for your health. If you want to know more about food intolerance and its process then I would suggest you to just take a look at food intolerance test. Here you will know each and everything about food intolerance. 

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