What's your favorite season and why?

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What's your favorite season and why?
  • Seasons are the wonderful gifts of nature. It changes and shifts the scene every now and then. It is a slice of life for us. The change gives us different ways to have fun. It animates our life with various ingredients that we melt in its taste. Figuratively speaking, seasons act as our wallpaper. We have Spring- The time of rejuvenation and exquisite aroma, Summer- beaches and ice-creams, Monsoon- getting drenched, Autumn- awesome tree leaves scenery and Winter- Snowfall and Christmas.

  • Every season is ultimately thrilling. We love change, do we not? If the Earth had just one scene throughout the year, would it be fun? Absolutely not! We all need a change once in a while. The Earth seems to thus, play a game of newness. It passes every level by bearing the chaotic weathers and jitters of every season. We get new scenes each time of the year and we enjoy it to the fullest. It is amazing to see how our Earth transforms bringing in Butterflies, new fruits and novel décor for us all.

  • In literature, the seasons mark a genre in myth: Romance parallels spring, Comedy parallels summer, Tragedy parallels autumn, and Satire parallels winter. The seasons thus, connect with the life we live. It teaches something or the other about life. It makes us enthusiastic and lively. The upbeat nature of seasons makes us dance to the tune of it. It's music never diminishes; it keeps us swaying to its beats for long. There is no glee compared to the chirpiness of the environment about us. Every season portrays novelty and change. It makes us comprehend how life can be lived amidst pain and fear.

  • My Favorite season is Autumn, as is it cool for me. Autumn or Fall is the time of the year when the everything just falls. It sparks orange, brown, red, and yellow hues in us and makes us wonder. It is inspiring, full of echoes, and most of all a time of serene, to reflect on our life. The bliss in it is exhilarating and thought-provoking. It ignites our spark to think about ourselves in a calm manner. The vista of fall is endless and vast. It makes us feel as if we are lost in another world altogether. Amazingly, it makes us imagine exquisiteness in the void. It is dreamy to witness such magnificence. It enlightens our hope, nurtures our mind and gives us the vitality to live in this world. It is amusing to see such vivid seasons that make us ruminate on ourselves. It triggers vivacity and makes us the sway for others.


  • My poem on autumn goes like this:
  • “The Angels stippled the leaves with a tinge
  • Of red, yellow, and brown
  • As I stood gazing at the maple tree.
  • Out of the blue, a leaf fell,
  • When the winged Supreme guided it
  • To its slumber in the soil.
  • The old has gone, the novel awaits
  • An effectual amend for all
  • A spice of shedding bonafide tears
  • To gather hope for the spanking new time
  • Wow! The colors change, the time change,
  • The season change, but do I?”

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