What can you do to prepare in advance for a disaster?

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What can you do to prepare in advance for a disaster?

As our world is a greater risk of experiencing life-threatening disasters like earthquake, hurricane, tornado, and tsunami, people should always remain well-prepared. The huge devastation often leads to the death of thousands of people, but if you are keeping your family well-equipped, it can help you deal with the tough times. Natural disasters and man-induced disasters can occur suddenly and put the life of the people at stake. Some of the unnatural disasters that can also occur are terrorist attacks, nuclear accidents, and bomb explosions. 

Here are few simple tips that can help you prepare in advance for a disaster:

• Preparing an emergency supplies kit - You can put together some of the crucial emergency supplies kit prepared in advance. It can comprise of important documents, cash, and non-perishable food supplies, pieces of clothing for each family member, medications and sleeping bags.

• Learn more about the survival tricks - Being aware of the survival tricks is one of the best ways to face disasters. If you know how to build tents or dig out water from holes, these things can certainly help in the time of trouble.

• Researching about different disasters - The Internet is one of the trusted sources, through which you can find relevant information on different disasters that can occur in your particular geographical location. Staying well-informed about the disaster can help in the survival of the family members. Proper disaster preparedness can help to have a survival plan for your family.

• Keeping everything simple - Rather than complicating the situation, it is best to keep all the preparatory arrangements simple. All the things that need to carry during a disaster need to handy so that family members can easily carry them and escape out from the house.

• Pack a bag with important supplies - You need to pack a bag that may hold all the important stuff that are to be used in an emergency. Carry all the essential first-aid kits like bandages and plasters and medications. Moreover, it is wise to carry some handy tools and protective gears in the bag like flashlights, candles, matches, and Swiss knife. Lastly, always store the bag inaccessible areas of your home, so that you can easily grab it in the case of emergency.

• Have enough food stocks - To secure your food supply, try to ensure that you have enough food to last your family a week. You can opt for canned and preserved food stuff, as they not get damaged easily. Furthermore, do not forget to have a clean water supply in case of emergency.

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Its difficulties but we can survive with less loss.
1.    We need to focus on some necessaries like Food, Drinking water, Medicines.
2.    Get better transport way to go to safe places/locations.
3.    Stay away from low-lying and flood prone area.
4.    Be quick with all the important equipment required.

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