Which are the best Timber producing tree in India?

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The Sal: 

This tree yields a very hard, heavy and tough wood. It is a very strong cross-fibred reddish brown wood which is extrembly durable and remains immune to attack of white ants etc. for long duration. Beams, rafters, railway carriages, tool handles etc. are manufactured from this wood in whole India. It occurs in large pure stands in deciduous forests and in patches in evergreen forest of India.

The Teak :

The teak is a tall tree, deciduous, with channeled quadrangular branches. Leaves are simple, opposite, elliptic or slightly obovate, acute or acuminate at apex, cuneate at base, scabrous above and stellately tomentose beneath, with entire margin, 25-50 cm. long 20-40 cm. broad; peiole 2.5-4 cm. long. Panicles large, terminal, with small bracts.

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