How to balance Hormones during Pregnancy?

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How to balance Hormones during Pregnancy?

If you are a woman, then mood swings are something that is not unfamiliar territory for you. Be it the monthly menstrual cycle or the period of pregnancy, strange emotions and hormones surging in the body can sometimes take an immense toll on you. 

Keeping a check on hormones during pregnancy is important and more females are looking out for ways to do that. Mental and emotional peace is extremely important during this phase of life for a woman, and hence it is necessary to balance hormones naturally during pregnancy.

How To Balance Emotions During Pregnancy 

Being pregnant is an important phase in the life of a female, and there is nothing that she looks forward to as much as being a mother. Though pregnancy is altogether not the easiest phase to handle and the biggest culprit are all the hormones that come into play during this time. It is no surprise that females undergo strange and mercurial emotions at this time and sometimes it gets way too much for them to handle all the emotions. There are of course ways in which one can naturally increase the surge of good and healthy emotions and eliminate all the toxic irrationality and anger. Since stress hormone cortisol is mostly regulated at night, it is important to sleep early at night for a pregnant woman. Not getting enough sleep can affect your hormones which in turn can have a bad impact on your mood. Another major factor that needs to be eliminated during pregnancy is stress, taking stress anyways is not good for a person irrespective of gender but becoming increasingly stressful during pregnancy. The best way to get rid of stress is to retreat to nature, just take a stroll in a park with lush greenery and forget about daily worries.T he fresh air, an abundance of oxygen and sunlight affects the pituitary gland in the brain and helps in the regulation of hormones and balance emotions naturally.

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How To Balance Hormones During Pregnancy

Our body is a complex system in itself and hormones play a major role in it, think of them as chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream to different tissues and organs. They affect not just our mood but are also growth and development, metabolism, sexual function, and reproduction. It is extremely important to balance these hormones during the time of pregnancy and this can be achieved naturally in the following way:

#1. Sleeping on time and taking rest is extremely important for pregnant women. We cannot stress enough on how vital it is for a female to give her body adequate rest during this phase.

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#2. Chemical substances are a strict no-no during pregnancy. Many man-made chemical products like cosmetics, plastics, artificially processed food and cleaning agent can start creating a hormonal imbalance if they come in contact with the body. These substances are also called xeno-estrogen.

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#3. The fat that is really necessary during pregnancy is Omega 3 but the food that we generally consume on a daily basis are rich in Omega 6. Hormones are made up of cholesterol and fat, and if you give your body unhealthy fat, the resultant hormones will be bad. So instead of going for food products such as soybean oil, canola oil, peanut oil, safflower oil and sunflower oil that is rich in Omega 6, go for olive oil, coconut oil, salmon, and tuna or fish oil supplements which are rich in Omega 3.

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#4. It might sound strange, but you need to watch your weight during pregnancy and not pile up too much fat that can wreck your body and hormones.

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#5. Also, try meditation.

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