How to Mentally & Emotionally Prepare yourself for Pregnancy?

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How to Mentally & Emotionally Prepare yourself for Pregnancy?

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends here”. – Robert Browning

 Motherhood is the most special feeling for a woman. The ability to participate in creation is a gift that only women are privileged with. Giving birth to a baby is the most painful yet the most precious feeling for a mother. The mother’s love for her baby is the purest form of love that exists in this world. Every mother carries a baby in her womb for nine months. Those nine months are the most difficult nine months for a woman because holding a baby inside your womb is not comfortable. The body of the woman undergoes several changes leading to physical pain and emotional stress. The woman needs to be mentally and emotionally prepared before she conceives because the period during the pregnancy can be very complicated and demanding. Therefore, a woman needs to prepare for pregnancy.

The feeling of motherhood can be the most valuable experience for a woman but only if the woman was already prepared to have a baby. If the baby is planned, then the pregnancy will be a lot more painless for the mother-to-be as the mother would be ready and conscious of the changes that are going to take place in her life. The Royal College of Midwives says pregnancy and birth is "a time of major psychological and social change for women as they negotiate their roles as mothers." You need to emotionally and mentally prepare yourself to be able to give birth to a healthy baby and raise an emotionally stable baby. The mental state of the mother affects the emotional state of the child. If the mother is unhappy during the pregnancy, the baby will have low self-esteem as s/he grows up. Are you planning to get pregnant? Do you want to give birth to a well-nourished baby? Here is how you can get mentally and emotionally prepared for a baby.

#1. Communicating With Your Spouse

Welcoming a baby into the family is one big decision that cannot be taken alone by the woman. A baby strengthens the relationship between the two partners, and hence it is a decision that both the spouses should take together. Enquiring about how the other partner feels about having a baby in the family? Are they are ready for other ways to have a baby? It is not necessary that you both will have a baby naturally. The technology has given the parents new alternatives to fulfill their wish to birth a baby like the IVF technology and surrogacy. Parents also go for adoption when these treatments do not work. If the partner is emotionally and financially ready to bring a baby into their life, then you should go ahead to prepare yourself for a child.

#2. Collecting Opinions From Other Mothers

The process of pregnancy and giving birth can be quite scary for a woman. She may have second thoughts under stress. So, the woman must gather other opinions about motherhood. Online research and taking polls from the mothers at work or in the family can reduce the stress a lot. The other women who have given birth will help in clearing all the doubts and they may help ease out the tension in your head regarding the process of birth. You can also talk to your doctor about the whole process and the parts of it which you fear the most. The doctor will be able to convey better information as they know about your body and they will also suggest you a few medical tests to check if your body is appropriate for carrying a baby.

#3. Planning The Expenses

Raising a child is not a piece of cake. It takes a lot of responsibility, time and money for a decent upbringing. The whole lifestyle changes as the parents will need more space in their home, and money for the baby’s requirements. Money is required for paying medical bills during and after pregnancy. A budget should be made to divide the expenses and for prioritizing the immediate necessities. Research has shown that around 15% of women experience feelings of stress, anxiety or depression during pregnancy. If the budget gets unbalanced, then the mother will get stressed, and it can affect the baby. You should also keep some money aside for emergencies. You should always be prepared for the worst situations.

#4. Preparing Your Body For A Baby

Before you conceive it is important that your body is prepared for such a huge change. To be able to hold a baby in your womb the body should be fit and strong. A strong mind and sturdy body will be able to bear the changes during pregnancy. There are chances of catching diseases easily during pregnancy and to protect yourself against the same; you need to build a tough immune system. Also, if you already have a disease, then it can create issues in your pregnancy. Consult your doctor before you decide to move ahead with the decision. Prepare your body for changes by exercising every day. You should also meditate every time you get stressed even after you get pregnant. Meditation will help in calming down your mind and control your emotions.

#5. Practicing A Baby-Friendly Lifestyle

Women should be prepared for the baby way before they conceive. Eating fresh and green food is very important for the health of the woman’s body. The right amount of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins should be a part of the diet and you should avoid the food which can be bad for the baby. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol before you conceive. Why should you change your lifestyle before you have not conceived? You should change so that you get habitual of a new lifestyle and you do not find the changes new and difficult to adapt. Wearing the correct quality of clothes is very important so that your skin stays protected from the pollution and any kind of allergy from the usage of a wrong material of cloth.

#6. Participate In Birthing Classes

The most fearful part of pregnancy is labor. Women get scared thinking about giving birth to a child which is immensely hurtful. What a woman can do in this situation is to start taking classes which show the mothers to be the entire process and the accurate way to handle that situation. There are a lot of people who provide such classes these days, and they are not so expensive. You can try such classes to relieve your mind from the anxiety. They also help the women to handle the whole pregnancy without losing control over the body and the mind. Take the classes and then decide if you will be able to bear the pain of giving birth or not.

#7. Be Ready For Other Possibilities

God forbid any mishap with any pregnant woman in the world, but if a mother suffers from some complications during her pregnancy, then she will get depressed. It is better to be ready for such situations in the future because during the complications you will lose control over your emotions and you will not know how to react or cope with the situation. Always have an emotional support around you. Stay close to people who you think will support you in every situation, a person you can confide in like your spouse, your mother, your sister or your best friend. Pregnancy could be a wonderful experience if you had help all the time.

Are you planning to be a mother soon? Share your concerns with us, and we will try to help you. If you found this article beneficial, then share your views by commenting in the comments section given below.

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Pregnancy is one phase in a woman’s life that brings joy and pain altogether. It is
the most difficult time for a woman. She can hardly brisk walk after a few months
and she is dependent on other people for surviving this time.  A pregnant woman
needs constant care and attention because there are a lot of bodily and mental
changes during this stage. Pregnant woman gets a lot of mood swings as
everything irritates her. Dependency on other people for food, bathing and all the
stuff that anybody can do on their own makes a pregnant woman irritable. She
cannot bend and she cannot work because she gets tired easily. All she does is to
sleep and eat. 
A pregnant woman becomes conscious of her increasing body weight and
changing shape of her body. She loses confidence and this sometimes affects her
relationship with her partner. The man is not able to handle the mood swings of
the pregnant spouse. It becomes quite difficult for the partner to handle the
pregnancy. Therefore it should be a decision that both husband and wife take in
consensus. The man is going to be equally responsible for the whole pregnancy
and after pregnancy. Every woman must meditate for a tranquil mind and the
development of the baby. The bay’s development depends on the mother’s
mental state. If the mother is depressed or the unhealthy the baby will be unfit as
well. Whatever a mother does during her pregnancy affects the baby and the
things the baby learns inside the womb those lessons will shape the baby’s
personality. What the dominant trait a baby shows are received by the baby when
it is inside the womb. The development of the baby’s brain depends on the well
being of the mother. Therefore, a woman must be careful when she decides to
have a baby.

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