Is it Okay to have Sex during Pregnancy?

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Is it Okay to have Sex during Pregnancy?

Sexual intercourse is a must when you want to get pregnant, but about after you are pregnant? Does pregnancy work as an NO-SEX sign board for your partner? 

Read the article to find answers to these questions.

#1. Sex During Pregnancy

We often come across questions like 'Is it OK to have sex during pregnancy?'. We’d love to tell you that it’s perfectly normal to get involved in sexual intercourse while you are pregnant as long as there are no other complications. And you can do it as often as you wish to.

Although due to hormonal fluctuations, breast sensitivity, exhaustion, and nausea during the early days of pregnancy, it might result in a lower sexual appetite. Your enthusiasm might dampen while the progression in your pregnancy leads to weight gain and back pains. Hormonal fluctuations also affect you emotionally causing deterioration in your sexual drive.

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#2. Benefits Of Sperm During Pregnancy

There is no doubt that sperms do have a crucial role in getting a woman pregnant. If the tiny swimmers do not flow through the tubes skillfully then how would the longing egg get fertilized and turn into a cute little baby?

But does sperm have any benefits while you are pregnant?

Studies suggest that swallowing semen may bar you from a potentially unsafe condition in pregnancy known as preeclampsia. It has been researched that pre eclampsia occurs in women whose ‘immunological tolerance might be vulnerable’ meaning that their bodies are prone to fetus allergies. Semen helps the mother in introducing her body to the father’s DNA and the baby’s DNA. A collaboration of both might help in building up a tolerance to the baby hence decreasing the risk of preeclampsia. But if you do not prefer indulging in oral sex then the usual method will be equally effective in putting the mother in contact with the sperms and the DNA.

The better the exposure to sperms, the lower the risk of having preeclampsia.

#3. Can Sex During Pregnancy Be Safe? 

Sex during pregnancy usually does not have any complications unless you get too wild with it. Contact with sperms is, in fact, beneficial for the mother. Because expecting mothers go to any extend to protect their kid, we strictly recommend against indulging in regular coitus or consuming semen in your daily diet. Sperms are not part of your medication .

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#4. Sex During Pregnancy Trimester

If your doctor shows you the green flag to have sex during pregnancy, do not think again. If your pregnancy is normal and does not need any specific attention, then there is absolutely no reason for you to refrain yourself from intercourse. Your baby inside the uterus is always protected by the amniotic fluid and the strong muscles of the uterus itself. Sexual indulgences won't affect your baby.

Saying that we also understand that things might get a little challenging due to the bloated stomach and endless exhaustion. The most important thing to remember is to stay relaxed because stress might affect your vaginal microbes that help during pregnancy. It is better that you explore your ways with your partner and look out for suitable and comfortable positions to have fun.

The first trimester might be comparatively the most tiring and difficult because your body is new to it. Your sexual desires will tend to go low due to all the new developments, but according to doctors, it has nothing to do with fornication. You can practice and experiment whichever ways you like it best.

The second and third trimesters may have their obligations. With the fetus growing every day inside her belly, the mother needs to hold her horses for a little while. One can still enjoy the sexual activities but within certain boundaries. Consulting the doctor is the best that we can advise.

Do you have any more pregnancy related questions? Let us know in the comment section below.

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