What causes Bleeding during or after Sex? Is it Normal?

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What causes Bleeding during or after Sex? Is it Normal?

Bleeding during sex is something that a majority of women have gone through. Roughly, around 63 percent of women who have been through menopause experience issues like vaginal dryness, vaginal bleeding, and spotting during sex. Also, women who are mensurating, occasionally experience postcoital bleeding and is not considered to be a major health factor.

While light bleeding would be considered normal, abnormal bleeding during sex can be a cause of concern. In case you have a health issue or have already gone through menopause, bleeding during physical intimacy can be a symptom of some underlying health problem and needs an immediate check up. 

Different From Mid Cycle Bleeding 

A lot of females bleed or experience spotting between their periods which is a relatively normal phenomenon. Though, it is not the same as bleeding during coitus and is referred to as mid cycle bleeding as it falls between menstrual cycles. Bleeding after physical intimacy though is an altogether different condition, and if you have excessive, frequent or painful bleeding, then a visit to your gynecologist is a must. 

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Causes Of Bleeding 

Post-coital bleeding is something that can happen to women of any age. If this happens to a female who has not yet reached menopause, then the underlying reason more often is cervix. On the other hand, women who have gone through menopause can experience it due to cervix, uterus, labia, and urethra. 

The reason for bleeding can be as basic as an infection that can be treated by the physician with antibiotic or it can at times be a symptom of a major problem such as cervical cancer. The latter is the case with postmenopausal women. Though in the main cases the reason is always a common one but surely is an issue that deserves to be addressed immediately. 

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Bleeding During Pregnancy 

In most cases bleeding late and in your third trimester is considered normal. Though, in case you are pregnant and bleeding heavily or experience bleeding after intercourse, then it can be a problem that needs to be brought to the notice of the obstetrician immediately. 

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Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

STDs can often be the cause of bleeding that happens during intercourse. Diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are caused when bacteria pass from one partner to another during sex. In females, the bacteria attack the cervical cells and cause a variety of symptoms such as itching, pain and frequent painful urination, apart from bleeding. Antibiotics are quite effectual in the treatment of such diseases, but if they are not given proper medical attention, it can cause infertility. Another form of vaginal infection is Trichomoniasis which is caused by a parasite, and this too spreads through unsafe intercourse. 

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Other Reasons 

There are of course various other reasons which lead to bleeding during sex: 

#1. The most common are cervical polyps which are very small in size, roughly about 1 to 2 centimeters. These appear on the cervix where it connects to the vagina. These are most often not cancerous and can be removed very easily with a simple procedure. 

#2. At times even lack of lubrication can create a lot of friction and cause bleeding. 

#3. Genital sores that are caused by herpes or any other condition can also be a reason behind bleeding during intercourse. 

How To Prevent Bleeding During Intercourse 

The simple factors that cause bleeding during physical intimacy such as lack of lubricant can be dealt with easily. Also, prefer having intercourse a few days after your period ends. In the case of an infection, STD and cervical polyps, treatment can help remove the issue.

Is there any other health issue that you feel should be talked about? Share your feedback using the comment box below.

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Opinions (2)
Yes, It Is
You can't just link bleeding to pregnancy. There could be innumerable reasons attached to it.  in case, you feel uneasiness anytime and find out uncontrollable bleeding just after sex then consult a Gyno ASAP.
No, Its Not

Bleeding during Sexual intercourse is most likely a natural process. It happens because of the cervix and can be a possibility with women of any age. Until the bleeding is light and causes no pain, there is nothing to worry. If you suffer from unnaturally heavy bleeding that results in excessive pain then better consult a doctor.

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