Can you get Pregnant while on your Period?

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Can you get Pregnant while on your Period?

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or are avoiding it while indulging in sexual intercourse, the question of getting pregnant during your period remains valid.

You are not alone if this or any other related question keeps popping in your head. Read the article to get your answers.

#1. Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period?

Yes, it's possible to get pregnant during your period only if your menstrual cycles are too short or if they are too long. Ovulation takes place during the middle of your menstrual cycle, i.e. between the ninth and 21st days (if you have a 28-day cycle). After an egg reaches its maturity in one of the two ovaries, the ovary discharges the egg into the abdomen, where it gets sucked into the opening of the adjoining fallopian tube. An egg can survive for about 24 hours once it's released so if there is sperm in your Fallopian tubes at that time, it might fertilize the egg and cause pregnancy.

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#2. Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period And Birth Control?

Birth control is 99 percent effective when it’s used perfectly and regularly. By 'perfect use' we mean a regular and timely intake without any exceptions. 'Typical Use' may refer to the untimely intake with a few accidental misses. The birth control is about 91 percent effective if you are not very particular about its consumption. In the absence of a constant supply of hormones, you may instigate ovulation. Having unprotected sex at such a time would increase the chances of you getting pregnant.

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#3. Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period And Taking The Pill?

The answer is No. If you're taking birth control regularly and correctly, then you are always protected against pregnancy, and it includes the days you get your placebo pills (period week). You can get involved in intercourse during that week without getting pregnant. The pill never stops working irrespective of you being or not being on your period.

All said and done, pills are not 100 percent effective, and they never ensure protection against transmission of STD’s.

#4. Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period After Having A Baby?

For most women, ovulation doesn’t return for at least six weeks postpartum if you are not breastfeeding. A woman starts ovulating before her period returns.

Breast feeding prolongs the return of menstrual cycle. The delaying depends on how often does the baby nurses, and how long does it sleep. External environmental factors can also affect the woman’s body. Each body responds differently.

If you are pre-occupied, you might miss out on the early signs of ovulation and pregnancy and can get pregnant without even having your periods back between the two pregnancies.

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#5. Can You Get Pregnant While On Your Period With An IUD? 

An intrauterine device, or IUD, is one of the most popular and effective forms of birth control. The chances of getting pregnant while using IUD are scarce because it has a 99.7 percent efficacy rate. The risk is lesser than the women who do not use any contraception. Shockingly enough, 25 percent of women stop having their period while on Mirena, a type of IUD that uses the hormone progesterone to prevent pregnancy. ParaGard, another type of IUD, uses copper to prevent pregnancy. A copper IUD may cause more bleeding and cramping during periods.

According to gynecologists, only one-in-a-million exceptional cases get pregnant with an IUD in place.

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