Benefits of Meditation In Pregnancy!

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Benefits of Meditation In Pregnancy!

During pregnancy, there will be hormonal imbalance which is inevitable.

The side effects include fatigue, anxiety or poor sleeping patterns. Pregnancy itself is a stressful time for a woman. Meditation helps you and your child in the womb. 

Here are some benefits of meditation during pregnancy.

1. Meditation increases oxygen supply to your baby.

2. You will get a better sleep when you meditate. There will be an increased peace of mind.

3. Meditation lowers postpartum depression.

4. Meditation helps get rid of negative thoughts.

5. Meditation reduces premature births.

6. Meditation relieves stress and anxiety. Anxiety during pregnancy may lead to complications in labor. It may lead to low birth weight in the baby.

7. Meditation can help to relieve phobias.

8. More Endorphins are secreted during meditation. Endorphin is a pain reliever.

9. Meditation increases production of DHEA hormone. DHEA enhances our immune system. It improves our mood and regulates blood pressure.

10. Meditation increases the production of Melatonin. Melatonin enhances our immune system and boosts our mood. This means the baby is growing happier and calmer.

11. Meditation can reduce the need for surgery.

12. Meditation, activates Theta wave in your body.

A woman's mind becomes calmer with meditation. She can bond better with her baby. So try deep breathing, meditating and listening to meditation music. This will make you happy, joyful and more relaxed.

Happy bonding with your little one!

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Meditation is good for your body whether you are pregnant or not. Meditation helps relieve all fatigue and stress from mind body and soul. One should meditate at least 15 minutes everyday for a healthier living. 

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