Why should Women opt for a C-Section?

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Why should Women opt for a C-Section?

Giving birth to a healthy baby without any complication during the pregnancy and labor periods is what every women desire for. Vaginal birth is extremely painful as there is contraction and pain between your vagina and perineum.

However, a C-section delivery allows the mother to get rid of the unbearable pain and plan the time of the delivery of the child. Moreover, there are certain other positive aspects of C-section delivery-
•    Mothers can control their wee and relax during childbirth.
•    Chances of heavy bleeding after the childbirth gets diminished with C-section delivery.
•    In a vaginal birth, there’s a high risk of prolapsed, when the uterus gets slip into the vagina.
•    Lesser pain from sews and bruises around your perineum after the delivery.

These days, majority of the pregnant mother opt to skip the labor pain and the other issues they face during pregnancy. Thus, they choose C-section birth over vaginal birth. However, it is imperative for both mother and the family to have detailed knowledge about the procedure and then decide after a thorough consultation with the gynecologist.

Complications of c-section delivery:

# In some of the cases, the mother needs to get admit to an intensive care unit.

# The postpartum pain will remain even after the operation is complete. The time taken to recover in the later case is also higher, and the soreness and ache from the lesion may continue for few weeks.

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