The best chicken delicacies

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The best chicken delicacies

The Indian non-vegetarian cuisine mostly comprises of a wide range of chicken delicacies that are extremely well-known for their distinct flavor and cooking style. People always try to include the chicken in their menu, as it is rich in healthy nutrients like as proteins, calcium, and carbohydrates. Most of the chicken delicacies prepared in India are rich and spicy.

So, if you are a chicken lover, you must try the following chicken recipes and experience the perfect blend of Indian flavor and combination of spices

•    Chicken Tikka- It is a sizzling and traditionally chicken delicacy of India, that is prepared with the chicken pieces baked in a clay oven called 'tandoor'. The boneless chicken chunks are first marinated in spices and yogurt before baking. The literal meaning of the work ‘Tikka’ is 'bits' or 'pieces'. The chicken tikka is barbecued on red hot coals, and they are repeatedly brushed with clarified butter or ghee to add an extra flavor. Restaurants serve chicken tikka with green coriander chutney, onion rings, and lemon wedges.

•    Butter chicken- The popular Punjabi delicacy has been a favorite of Indians for past few decades. The chicken pieces are marinated with flavorful Indian spices, and these pieces are cooked in tomato puree, cream and masalas.

•    Chicken Dum Biriyani- The sumptuous chicken biryani needs to be be cooked with utmost precision and the slow cooking method or ‘Dum’ is employed. The Mughlai Biriyani is cooked in a 'handi' and the lid is sealed with flour.

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