What are the best Games you can Play without Wifi?

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What are the best Games you can Play without Wifi?

Do you think life can still exist without WI-FI? Can you imagine passing a single minute of your day without the internet? If you think you can’t, then you surely aren’t aware of these amazing games that you can play on your phone without using the Wi-Fi.

If you are surprised after reading this, then let us ensure you that there are games that do not need the internet, which can be played when you are in a no signal zone too.

Here’s a list of few of the games which do not require WI-FI.


Jetpack Joyride is another creation of Half Brick Studios who created the Fruit Ninja game. The game is an action-packed adventure where the player gets to strap on a jetpack and fly in the skies as Barry Steakfries. You break into the secret laboratory to seize the jet planes from the wrongdoers. You can simply use the touch of the screen to perform various actions and reach your goal.

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Developed by Mediocre, 'Smash Hit' is a super fun and entertaining game. Through this game, the player gets to smash everything that comes his way. The player travels through oddly dimensioned paths in complete sync with the sound of music. The game calls for undivided focus, concentration, and timing. This game is a great way to channelize all your pent-up anger by smashing everything.

(Image Courtesy: Venture Beat)


Electronic Arts, the mind behind the popular game series Plants vs. Zombies, created this game focusing on speed; speed to plant and speed to think. The player needs to accelerate his thinking process and plant the trees rapidly to prevent a zombie attack. Inability to plant in the desired time limit will let the zombies invade your land and destroy everything. You can also use pea shooters, wall-nuts, and cherry bombs to kill those zombies.

(Image Courtesy: YouTube)


Jenga, developed by Natural Motion Games Ltd, requires the players to create tall and stable wooden towers. Your touch screen gives you the control and also the power to tease out the blocks by tapping or dragging them. The game is easy yet fun.

(Image Courtesy: Kho game hay cho iPhone)


The most popular amongst all the other games, Temple Run, was developed by Imangi Studios. It is yet another arcade game which is packed with action and adventure. The player is running for his life passing through difficult turns and roads. He flies, crawls, drags; honestly, everything he can to save his life. The game is motion based, and the user can tilt the phone to move ahead. Other actions can be performed by tapping and dragging on the touch screen. Beware this one’s highly addictive.

(Image Courtesy: Run 3)


One of the best time games, Paper Toss is developed by Backflip Studios. The game is a simpler version of basketball where there are no other players just you. There is no real ball but paper ball which is supposed to be put inside the basket, which is an office dustbin. This game could be called a great time pass and a great time waster at the same time. It is a total no-brainer game.

(Image Courtesy:Indiatimes.com)


If you are looking for a game that’s entertaining and yet not a time waster, the 'Word search' is your calling. Developed by AppDrac, this one is a puzzle game. You’ll have to solve the puzzle that has been categorized under various fields like Animals, Countries, Cities, Presidents, Historical Figures, and Trademarks. The game will help you enhance your vocabulary and will pass your time too.

(Image Courtesy: My Super Mario Boy)

Do you know about any other game that can be played without the WI-FI? Let us know in the comment section below.

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