Can people Fall in Love just by Talking on Phone?

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Can people Fall in Love just by Talking on Phone?

First of all, it is very important to understand what love is, especially for a specific person. Love is an emotion which is deeply connected to the other person. As every emotion fades away sometimes, so does love. You can never be happy, envious, sad or in love for that matter forever. The emotions are temporary, and they can also change with time. However, the concept of love is different for everyone. This cannot be bound to one definition or category.

The question of falling in love with someone just by talking over the phone has always been under debate. The answer to the question; however, is not that simple or as apparent as other situation. This varies from person to person as different people can take this aspect differently. Some people don't even talk too often to people unless they have met them. Whereas, some people can fall in love with someone listening to their voice as well.  

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Falling in love with someone just by talking on phone bring up many questions:

#1. Is physical contact necessary to evolve in a relationship in love?

#2. Physical appearance matters in a relationship or not?

#3. What do people exactly want from a relationship?

#4. How Different can a person be in reality from a virtual persona?

These are very big questions about love which does not come with very simple answers. Some people think that a serious relationship can evolve and grow through phone or internet. Some, on the other hand, think some requirements in a relationship cannot be fulfilled without meeting a person for real.  

Falling In Love Over The Phone Is Possible

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First of all, it is very important to know the capability of phone conversations. A relationship over the phone is not like the internet that you are getting time to write wisely. Talking on the phone is like contact in real-time. There is no time to choose words or contemplate. Also, if a relationship is based on only the phone conversation, that means both the people have a very little idea about the appearance of each other. Moreover, there is no physical contact in a strictly telephone-based relationship.

If we think about it, in a real sense, this seems like a relationship which is genuine where superficial and materialistic elements like appearance are merely a void and nothing else. Constant touch with someone keeps the attraction intact. You can get a person who can fit all your qualities over the phone as well even though you haven’t met her or him in person. If a person wants to fool you, he/she can do that in a practical date as well. Love is an emotion as we discussed of affection, you do not require good money, good looks, cars or whatsoever to fall in love.

If it is all about good looks, then all the good looking people have had their ideal matches till now. So it is not about looks and money, it is about your mentality and attitude. You do not need to sit face to face with a person in order to know their thinking and mindset. In everyday life, you will find many liars and manipulative people. Therefore it is so much better to know a person before you actually invest time and effort to meet them. After talking you can examine whether that person is good enough for you or not.

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Falling in love does not take physical attraction or contact in physical terms. You fall in love with common ideologies, common outlook towards life, common ideas, similar views on significant issues and common value system. If you talk to someone on the phone, you might find these qualities and probably fall in love. Face-to-face conversation is not essential to know a person’s values and ideas. You might like their sense of humor or their polite way of talking. These things are enough to fall in love. Ultimately, you do not fall in love with materialistic aspects at the end. Phone calls involve deeper emotional contact as you are only concentrating on the conversation, nothing else. When you meet, there are chances that you have distractions while you talk. Consequently, it is possible to fall in love with someone with just talking on the phone while you have never met him/her.

However, there are still questions that do such love lasts? Could this love stand the test of time? Will such a love be able to overcome the potentially high expectations created by the virtual personality full of words? There are many personality domains which are not quite visible through words. Then, would such a love be able to accept the reality of physical deficiencies and imperfections? These can be the important questions that you might face while meeting the partner in person. Let us now consider the other side of the coin.

Falling In Love Over The Phone Is Impossible

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People say, falling in love with someone without a meeting is like living in a fantasy. Well, if you meet a person after so long since you started talking on the phone, it can never be the same way. You might like some of the aspects after meeting as well, but you might not find them as attractive as you did though. Is it possible to know these facts overlook them anyway? Also, it is possible to love that person in the same way after witnessing their shortcomings and deficiencies. Even though people say that the outer beauty does not matter in love, but most of the people value beauty in their potential partner. You can never guarantee the fact that you’ll remain in love with them after meeting as well. You may come across some embarrassing habits or irritating quality of that person that were not predictable when you talked to them on calls.

More importantly, you discover their true personality after you meet them. You might be talking to a sociopath, aggressive or a serial killer for that matter. These things seem stupid when you think about it, but in worst cases, these things can get true. Even if you talk to someone for hours, days or years on the phone, you really get to know a person only when you are in front of them. If someone is not physically present in front of you, there will always be an uncertainty of the real personality of the person. The potential for real love can only be predicted if you have met someone several times. If one or two meetings are not enough to know each other, how will some conversations make a difference? A relationship on the phone is just not a real thing. If two bodies do not feel each other’s presence in front of each other, you can not judge whether it is actually loved or not.

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Each other's skin has a magic to it. The touch that you feel from your loved one can never be replaced. If you have not seen the best and the worst of each other, then from where did the love exist? The warmth and fragrance can never lie. You can’t get all of this on the phone. Also, love is all about creating memories and spending a significant amount of moments with each other. Pre-scheduling phone call meetings can often lead to infatuation but can never lead to love. Love means accepting each other’s vulnerability, deficiencies, and shortcomings with all the positivities that they possess. You can never hide your personality flaws and vulnerabilities in person. On the contrary, you can easily do that in phone calls. Dating on the phone is scary, the technology has made everything like a fantasy these days. Nothing can be trusted than experiencing it in front of you.

There can be things that you might like about someone while talking on the phone call but it is merely impossible to fall in love with someone without spending some real time with each other physically. People can portray themselves as they like when you are talking to them on the phone. On a real date, people have the privilege to look at the person completely. People are there who usually fall in love with the smile or eyes. Virtually it is impossible to fall in love with these natural aspects of a person. Falling in love with a visual character doesn’t sound appropriate in this case.

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Love is a very different and natural feeling. You can never really stop yourself to fall in love with someone. It can happen by listening to someone’s voice and can happen in person as well. The debate about this topic is endless. It, however, depends on the mentality of the person that can they overlook the physical appearance of a person by just falling in love unconditionally with their values and beliefs. On the other hand, people just not develop those romantic feelings without meeting. So, this topic is under criticism and debate from so long and cannot be specifically answered with one biased opinion. Be a part of this debate and share your thoughts regarding falling in love with us in the comment section below.

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