Can Hardik Pandya become India's next M.S Dhoni?

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Can Hardik Pandya become India's next M.S Dhoni?

In the recent match that I saw, Indian cricket player Hardik Pandya made headlines for his unmatchable boundaries like that of M.S Dhoni. He played really well against Australia as he scored five sixes including three strikes off. While he won accolades for his performance, many are talking about his style and patience that reminds the audience of the glory that M.S Dhoni had been marked in the history of cricket. 

I wonder how he managed to turn the match up-side-down by hitting maiden tons in 86 balls against Sri Lanka including seven sixes! No doubt, he is playing incredibly well, and in my view, he is going to mark many victories for the country in the field of cricket with his amazing skills and talent. But what do you think can be in the reach of Hardik Pandya? Will he be able to make us win the ODI? Is he the next M.S Dhoni of Indian Cricket team?

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Answers (2)

Hardilk has the potential to make it really big. Longevity is the key and only time can tell whether Hardik would become India's MSD. When bowlers start figuring out his weaknesses, he will have to reinvent himself to live up to the expectations. That is what great cricketers do like MSD. Hope Hardik is the next MSD.     

He is definitely one of the brightest young prospects of Indian cricket right now. Pandya has already shown how lethal he can be with the bat in the death overs. He is also a dependable bowler and can bowl a few good spells in the middle. It would be too soon to say that he will take the place of Dhoni in the team, but going by the looks of it, the chances of him becoming India's most lethal finisher seem quite high. 

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