Did the recent run of Indian Women's Cricket Team Make India Proud?

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Did the recent run of Indian Women's Cricket Team Make India Proud?

The Indian women had a wonderful World Cup Campaign. While they fell short of 9 runs in the final against England, their achievements speak volumes of the capabilities of this Indian side.

Under the able leadership of Mithali Raj, India's women reached the finals of a World Cup in which no one tipped the women in blue to even progress from the group stages. 

While a runners-up medal in the biggest tournament of cricket is enough to make any country proud? The real question is: are we proud of our women cricketers? Please let us know your opinion about India women's cricket team.

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Without a doubt. Firstly, people have started talking about India's women's cricket team. Moreover, some people have come to the realization that the Indian women as equally competent at the game as their male counterparts. We should not forget the terms of resources that the two teams enjoy. If the women can reap such results with little to no resources, it can only be imagined as to what heights they can scale if they're provided with ample resources. The girls played well and made all of us proud.

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