Smith replaces Dhoni as Pune Franchise Captain

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Smith replaces Dhoni as Pune Franchise Captain

Replacing MS Dhoni with Steve Smith as the Captain of Pune Super Giants - Right or Wrong?

MS Dhoni has achieved great heights in cricket like a true champion. Statistics speak volumes about the achievements of MS Dhoni and he is undoubtedly the most successful captain that India has ever produced. We all have praised the way he allowed Kohli to emerge as captain of the Indian ODI cricket team and everybody appreciated the way he stepped down from the captaincy.

Smith replaces Dhoni

The recent cricket news says that Pune Super Giants has removed him from the captaincy and Steven Smith replaces Dhoni as Pune franchise captain. Is it the right move by Sanjiv Goenka, the owner of the Super Giants? Indian cricket fans are quite angry about this move and most of them say that the team is going to lose a lot of fans.

Fearless cricket is the need of the hour

News related to M.S Dhoni has always been a hot topic of discussion because of his iconic status in the cricket fraternity and he has been a great crowd puller in many ways. When you analyze this decision by Sanjiv Goenka objectively, you can arrive at the conclusion that it is the right move. Super Giants need a new captain who can inspire the entire team and they want to erase the last year’s disastrous performance from their memory. Dhoni at the helm is not going to help this cause because he has gone past his prime and his method of approach that worked for many years is not going to work out in a scenario where fearless cricket is being played by young, brash cricketers.

Super Giants are going to benefit more when Dhoni plays fearless cricket

When you look at the way M.S Dhoni has been playing for India after stepping down from the captaincy, you can find that he is playing with more freedom. We have already witnessed glimpses of his fierce attacking skills against the recently concluded series against England. If these trends are any indication, Super Giants are going to benefit more when Dhoni plays with more freedom without the burden of captaincy.

The way M.S has been cooperating with Virat Kohli is truly commendable and according to Kohli, Dhoni’s valuable inputs are priceless. Dhoni is a true gentleman and he is going to help Smith the same way he has been dealing with Virat and it is going to transform the performance of Super Giants in this season. The combination of shrewdness and intelligence of Smith and the tactical acumen and experience of Dhoni is going to be a deadly one and Pune Super Giants can certainly expect excellent results in IPL 2017-18.


It is the right decsion and the recent Australian win against India reasserts this logic behind this decsion without a shadow of doubt.  

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