How to Sync Messages from iPhone to Mac?

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How to Sync Messages from iPhone to Mac?

It’s beneficial to get to know how to send messages from an iPhone to a Mac computer or something else. Generally, when we set a new iPhone, and an opening message pops up which directs you to the inbox that is empty. Seeing your inbox empty can be an aching feeling, especially if you are habitual to seeing messages over-flooding the folder. Hence, it is important to know how to sync messages from iPhone to Mac?’ 

If this question has been knocking the door of your brain tank for a while, you can relax now as we have an answer to it. Let’s find out the best ways to sync messages. Are you ready to find out with us?

How To Back Up Your Messages To Mac

If you wish to send your text messages from an iPhone to another iPhone without using Icloud backup process, then you would require a third party app which has an unpaid and a paid version. There are a few applications that give access to you to take a backup from an iPhone and then send to another or a Mac computer. The third party application which we are going to use is called ‘Phone View.' The paid version costs $29.95.

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Now we will tell you how to use ‘Phoneview’ to have access to messages on your old iPhone:

#1. The first task is pretty simple. You need to download the ‘phone view’ application.

#2. Open the application and press ‘OK’ and then it pops up a message saying ‘Phone view wants to access your contacts.

#3. You will have to connect your iPhone to Mac computer or laptop.

#4. You need to tap on Archive in the ‘Phoneview’ alert window.

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#5. In the sidebar, tap on messages and 'OK’ to the ‘Now Loading Phone Data Window.'  So, it takes some minutes for the data of your iPhone to get loaded into phone view application.

#6. The names of individuals with whom you had conversed with show up in the middle column. Then, select one to have a look at the text messages you had texted them previously.

#7. You could pull a person’s name from the list directly to the desktop and choose to save the text messages in the PDF file format.

#8. To pull all the messages, then tap on ‘All and Click Copy from iPhone.'  After that step, you need to select a location and save them. Have you been finding the steps pretty easy?

#9. Also, you must know that you could change the file type of the application Phoneview which it saves/ Example: a PDF file can get converted into a text file, CSV and more.

The bad part of the entire process is that you can’t copy back these messages back into the messaging app from where you started your transfer.

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Hope you liked the article. If you face any doubts while reading the article, please kindly let us know by commenting in the box below.

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