How to cope up with depression – Symptoms and Treatment

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How to cope up with depression – Symptoms and Treatment

What is depression ?

It’s an illness that brings you to believe that you are feeling down and stressed. It’s a feeling in your brain of something is not moving correct in your life and someone tried to hurt you with your feelings.
It’s a stage where brain stops working; stops at one point where you were feeling down or hurt and keep repeating the same situation in an imaginary way.

When do you feel depression?
Here are some of the common symptoms that can lead to depression:
-    Feeling sadness
-    Realizing hopelessness
-    Feeling guilty
-    Feeling moodiness
-    Outbursts anger
-    No interest in friends, family and favorite activities
-    No concentration
-    Weak decision making
-    Forgetting things
-    Hallucinations of harming self or others
-    Failing at work, school or other commitments
-    Attempts to harm assets or favorite collection
-    Lack of energy
-    Pains and issues
-    Food intake will be less
Depression treatment tips:

1.    Meditation or prayer
2.    Adequate sleep with short nap if needed
3.    Exercise
4.    Drink plenty of water
5.    Getting enough vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids
6.    Eating Fruits and vegetables
1.    Meditation or prayer
Most people think prayer as religious, but it doesn’t have to. If you have hopelessness in your mind it will definitely leads to stress and depression prayer makes your attitude positive towards your thought and meditation means concentrating peacefully with devotion towards God.

2.    Adequate sleep
Sleeping is when our body recovers. Our immune system repair and our brain rest and grow we store energy for the next  day .Sleep for at least 8 hours keeps you fine and prevent you from depression.

3.    Exercise
To keep yourself healthy mentally and physically it is necessary to have an exercise  daily for at least half an hour which makes u free from daily depression of your  routine  Exercise improves your  mood.

4.    Drink plenty of water
Our body is made up of 90% percent water .Soda lemonade are not count as a water . our body needs as much as water  to purified our blood cells also sometimes we mix thirst with hunger and grab bulk amount of food so be careful don’t mix up thirst with hunger  have a plenty of water  to keep you away from depress situation.

5.    Getting with vitamin D and omega-3
This vitamin helps the brain yet we do not get enough of either through our diets alone. We also use sunscreen now a days which we do not use in olden days which does not allow our body to absorb light energy it is necessary that our skin should  observe sunlight energy.

6.    Eating fruits and vegetables
It is necessary to add fruits and green vegetables in our diet that makes you feel fresh and healthy. Avoid junk food and caffeine in our intakes, lot of savories’ in diet also harmful .So keep taking good healthy food to keep you free from stress and depression.

Some more tips you may need to recover from depression and stress:
•    Talk to your close friend or relative about your feelings
•    Help someone with buying essays online safe
•    Go out for lunch or coffee with a friend
•    Ask for a company to the movies or a small get-together
•    Disturb your old friend by giving a call or email
•    Go for a long walk
•    Meet new people by joining some course or activity

Last but not least, keep your attitude towards your work positive and don’t blame yourself for every single thing, keep yourself calm in panic situation so you may not get stress. Hope you keep  yourself free from depression and stress ever.

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