Paw-Check! 9 Tips For Becoming A Good & Responsible Dog Owner

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Paw-Check! 9 Tips For Becoming A Good & Responsible Dog Owner

Having a pet at home is a blessing as they not only lighten up the day with their adorable habits and super cute looks but even play an instrumental role in driving away the stress and tensions of the day by their innocence and licking habits. However, many fail to take proper care of these innocent souls.

Out of those who have adopted these pets, some are not good owners and cause harm to them, least realizing that along with ownership, comes a great sense of responsibility towards the little furry pal, leading us to wonder if they are a good pet owner!

To ensure that you do not fall into that category, we have some advice that you must follow to take proper care of your furry friends!

#1. Show Unconditional Love

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Dogs love their owners unconditionally. So why can’t humans return the favor by doting on their four-legged friends and showering them with unconditional love? Dogs crave the attention, love, and care from their human counterpart!

#2. Treat Them Like A Family Member

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There should be absolutely no differentiation between a member of the house and the little furry being. All must be treated alike. Only when you consider it as a part of your family will you be able to nurture it with utmost care.

#3. Keep A Check On Their Diet

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Do not fall prey to their super cute puppy dog face and be strict with them when it comes to their diet. Ensure that you feed them with adequate minerals and proteins. However, do not feed them more than what is prescribed. Else, be prepared to foster a couch potato at home!

#4. Take Them For Proper Exercise

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Apart from feeding them, ensure they go for long walks to ease themselves and engage in some or the other form of exercise. Carry a ball or stick to play with them and make them run to fetch their toy! Exercise is really essential for their body and must not be compromised at any cost.

#5. Make Your House Pet Proof

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Like you childproof your house, you must pet proof it as well by removing all the sharp objects, plastic products, and small items to a secure location, away from the reach of your pet.

#6. Regular Visit To The Vet

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Since these adorable friends cannot speak, one will not know whether they are healthy or not. Thus, as a pet owner, you must take your pet to the vet regularly to ensure the furry friend has no health problems and is growing healthily.

#7. Get An ID Proof For Your Dog

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With growing number of thefts and during unfortunate circumstances such as a running away, the ID proof can act as a great help to those who have found him deserted. They can contact the owner through the number mentioned on the tag and share the location of their pet to avoid confusion.

#8. Teach Them Some Basic Manners

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While some pets are docile in nature, others require proper training sessions to mind their behavior and temper. If your dog falls into the latter category, you must hire a trainer to teach it some basic manners to ensure they don’t harm anyone.

#9. Let Them Socialize

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It’s always a good option to let your pet socialize and meet new people and their pets. This act of socialization boosts their morale and helps them adapt themselves to the environment with friends and people around.

Want to add to the list? We would love to hear from you. Kindly use the comment box to share your thoughts and opinions with us.

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